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    Hacking Tuned Heart on psp NP2: no sound and freeze

    I see there is a NekoProject 2 emulator in Retroarch for PSP, get the 1.9.0 stable package, put the required files as described here: And cross your fingers that it works ....
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    MaternalBound Redux - An EarthBound improvement hack

    Is this going to be uploaded to
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    Anyone Notice This W/ GBA Games

    It is the same on the original Gameboy. Maybe it is about buffer memory initialisation.
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    Playstation classic

    USB drives drop dead all the time. Proper way to go about things is to install Bleemsync 1.1 with the custom kernel that adds OTG support. Then use an OTG cable. And you can then use whichever hack you want, you don't have to use Bleemsync.
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    Playstation classic

    Were you using an OTG cable? Rhetorical question. You should have been using an OTG cable.
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    Playstation classic

    You don't need to emulate the PSX CPU at that high speed, you are wasting CPU time. You can get better overall performance at 70.
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    Playstation classic

    Huh? The original Crash Bandicoot was running great for me with enhanced resolution and the related speedhack enabled.
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    HOWTO: Replace PAL Tekken 3 with NTSC on PSClassic

    Only some PAL games have Libcrypt. You just get the corresponding sbi from the redump site and put it in the same folder. Or just use NTSC-U for everything. 60 fps are better than 50.
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    Playstation classic

    N64 emulation is at least as good (or bad) as the the rpi 3 model b+ I hate N64 emulation in general ...
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    Playstation classic

    In a few days probably. Beta testers are testing it.
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    Playstation classic

    USB devices that will be connected to the back of the console with an OTG cable/adapter will be powered from the power outlet. So no more fuss about the power limiter of the front ports that the idiots at Sony imposed on us! 128gb usb sticks here we gooo... Oh and no more usb hub needed for...
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    PSC Mod/Hack Thread?

    That subreddit is very useful, I often help people, too, gave it a try if you have a question.
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    Looking for a emulator handheld, help?

    Well if mGBA can't run games fullspeed then probably VBA-M can. If that can't run fullspeed, then VGA-Next is faster and should run fullspeed on the rpi zero. There is also gPSP as a final fallback.
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    Playstation classic

    You need the rdb files for the systems you want I think. It's probably these files But you don't need the playlist functionality to play games, you can manually launch them and they are saved int he History Are you using a hack? You...
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    Playstation classic

    It's just using a weird build of pcsx-rearmed by KMFD which is optimised in some ways but built for the wrong system using SNESC libraries. Revert back to the core from Bleemsync beta core release, they will soon release a new core package...
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