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    Hacking Running legit copy of Skyward Sword

    Is the latest update still hackable? The main problem I have with doing that is that I don't want to end up accidentally bricking my system, as I've heard officially updating a hacked Wii can sometimes do that.
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    Hacking Running legit copy of Skyward Sword

    I have a modded Wii, but I'm going to be buying Skyward Sword on Sunday. Now, I have automatic updates disabled with startpatch, but will I have any problems running the game otherwise? Metroid Other M had some issues unless I ran it from a backup launcher. Is there a specific ios or a...
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    Gaming AR Card Pack v1.1 homebrew

    There's really nothing that special about it. It's literally just a homebrew app that displays pictures of the AR cards. Nintendo even says themselves that you can just print the AR cards off onto paper and it'll work. I have an android app where the guy did this. Of course, I could've just...
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    Hardware 3DS Purchase - When?

    Getting mine on Saturday night, at the midnight launch. I have Pilotwings Resort on preorder since you need to preorder a game in order to get it at the midnight launch. I don't know if I wanna get anything else yet, or save my ~$60 for something else. I'm most excited for Ocarina of Time...
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    Hacking Monster Hunter Portable 3rd English Patch by Aumanx

    Okay yeah, that's what I have, just wanted to check, since OP posted some pictures. Guess those are to come later, then. Thanks.
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    Hacking Monster Hunter Portable 3rd English Patch by Aumanx

    Are the quests and menus currently translated, or is that to come? The auto-patched for 0.29c doesn't have the menus translated, nor any of the quests. That's fine, of course. Just checking to make sure I don't have an outdated patch. I used the auto-patcher.
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    DS #5267: Golden Sun: Dark Dawn (USA)

    ... It's not a two-minute tutorial in here, either. It's just them telling you to try out Move. Kraden also tells you the same thing. Yeah, it's a bit longer than what GS1 had, it's far from excessive. Also, keep in mind the fact that Dark Dawn is supposed to be considered the start of the...
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    DS #5267: Golden Sun: Dark Dawn (USA)

    Holy shit! TALKING?! In an RPG, none the less! How fucking dare they! What kind of game is this?! Why the hell would anybody ever want TALKING in an RPG?!
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    Gaming Donkey Kong Country Returns

    Played through the first world and a half, and so far I'm really liking it. It's a lot of fun. The controls take a bit to get used to, but they're really not that bad. I switched to Wiimote+Nunchuk, because it's kind of a pain on the wrists to have to shake while holding the wiimote sideways...
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    Gaming Adding Wii Codes on 4.2U

    Can you still add people to your Wii Address book on 4.2U? I have the updated IOS to use the Shop Channel and everything, Wiiconnect24 is turned on, and I can get online just fine, but me and a friend added eachother, but the names are still greyed out. It's been like this for an hour and a half.
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    Hacking [Plugin]GBA Emulator ver1.30 for DSTWO *Update*

    Is there a reason you still can't edit the B Button's key? I don't get why there's an option there to change it if it doesn't work. .-.
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    Gaming Official Super Scribblenauts thread

    >He thinks exif data actually means something
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    Gaming Official Super Scribblenauts thread

    Well, since it's a Gamestop... I'm guessing it's some Used Game.
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    Gaming Official Super Scribblenauts thread

    The archive name will be posted, and also there'll be a thing on the list of new releases saying it was dumped. That's when you start googling until you find it.
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    Hacking what features do you want in eos

    For 12-year-olds to be banned from using it.
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