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    Homebrew RELEASE Chiaki (PS5 & PS4 remote play) homebrew

    Hi Condector, i've got the same issue. As long as you use an IP address everythings working fine. But if you try a hostname like it just works straight after registering within the app for the first time. When you restart the app it cuts the hostname after the first dot...
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    Homebrew RELEASE Chiaki (PS5 & PS4 remote play) homebrew

    Hi everyone, got it working perfectly, runs like a charm with a proper wifi + public ip when i'm not at home. Really fantastic app, big kudos to H0neyBadger ;) One small problem. I have a ddns-service running and can connect via my domain name when i first register but as soon as re-open the...
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    Hacking After SX Core install, my Switch doesn't start.

    Try AOMEI Partition Tool and format the card fat32, did the trick for me! :)
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    Hacking Sx Core and Sx Lite , test Units Received

    Still waiting on tracking details from elewelt, two virgin switch lites collecting dust are driving me nuts. Does anyone know the current status of sx lite?
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    Hacking TX Announce Preorders for SX CORE and SX LITE

    Made my day :rofl: go team-xecuter(dotcom), green ribbon "where to buy" but wait for the tests to come out, this thing isn't available yet
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    Homebrew Wii64 - The best N64 emulator?

    Hmm, just get it on PC, It'l easily run on a Atom netbook or lower!
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    Hacking Help I accidently pressed “unlink memory card” on Henkaku settings on my Vita Slim, sd2vita only.

    Just restart your Vita, if your bubbles are gone: start vitashell, press triangle and select "refresh LiveArea" and you should be good to go! ;)
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    Gaming Game suggestions for a low powered system?

    I throw Sonicmania and Hotline Miami 1+2 into the ring, they run on a toaster and are loads of fun! Into eastern games? Try Danganronpa :)
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    Hardware Joycon Analog Stick weird?

    Be prepared to spend some additional money on Pro Controllers then, for my part I got used to the joycon sticks fairly well. Maybe look into these 3rd Party dongles to reuse other Controllers!
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    GBAtemp Exclusive GBAtemp SX PRO Give-away WINNERS ANNOUNCED

    You are the Best! Nice Giveaway! ;)
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    Hacking How to install nsp games?

    No one knows for sure except ninty, ban hammer can always swing....
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    Hacking How to install nsp games?

    Here's a quick tutorial: auto
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    Hacking COMPLETED CDNSP - Download & repack your games, updates, and DLC's to NSP!

    Could you be a liiiiiiiitle more specific? A copy of this script? [EDIT] Got it ;)
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    Hacking Question No game updates without updating console?

    Have a look here: You can skip the nand backup part if you already have one!
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    Hacking Question No game updates without updating console?

    Why so eager to get me to update...? Only to confirm that you are right...? And i think Coldboot could be a thing in a few months, the lower the FW the earlier... ;) Just got SX as a temporal way to snatch some games, but the real deal for me will be Atmosphere. Thanks Drax for confirming that...
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