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    "Journey" The First Video Game Nominated For a Grammy

    Journey is not being recognized as a game either; the music of a game is being recognized and it's not the first time such a thing has happened.
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    "Journey" The First Video Game Nominated For a Grammy

    it was the fact that baba yetu was featured in civ v that got it the grammy nom a couple years ago. the album is older than the game. so, journey is not the first video game to get grammy recognition.
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    Wii #2927 - The Last Story (USA)

    that was an interesting read. i have only recently received my copy of the last story in the mail, and will not be getting to it immediately, so i can't comment on that game at all. i think our differences lie in semantics, and that for the most part we are on the same page. you appear to have...
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    Wii #2927 - The Last Story (USA)

    FFXIII does NOT have story as a focus. combat is the focus of that game. the story is a mess, and it's nigh impossible to know what is actually happening at any given time. what a terrible example. as i said, the jrpg is known for its stories. why is FFVI one of the greats? it's not the open...
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    Wii #2927 - The Last Story (USA)

    being very story focused is what makes the great jrpg's. extra credits has a great discussion on the differences between the western and japanese rpgs. start here:
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    Homebrew postLoader4

    it's been awhile since i checked this out, or turned on my wii, for that matter. the improvements are very nice. keep up the good work. are online updates a thing that works now? and can wiiware be custom sorted? i don't mean with votes. i mean actually putting them where you want, like you can...
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    What phone do you own?

    currently rocking a cdma galaxy nexus. it's fabulous.
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    Nintendo Responds to Concerns of Wii U Power

    my worry is much less about the specs themselves, but the timing. nintendo is shooting themselves in the foot a bit. while the first console out of the gate tends to hold a lead over the competition for a few years, this won't be the same. the wii u is a competitor to the 360 and ps3. that stays...
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    The Hydreigon/FrozenIndignation Pony thread

    edited spam [hr]Posts merged quoted spam
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    Hacking Is there any way to update to 4.2 w/o having to redo any exploits?

    no, he's saying that you don't have to play a game, and then copy a file over for the exploit in 4.3. very slight semantic difference. "I find 4.3 the easiest to softmod. It (it being the letterbomb exploit for 4.3) doesn't require you to play a game before copying a save from an sd card" had...
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    Hacking Is there any way to update to 4.2 w/o having to redo any exploits?

    i don't see how letterbomb fails to fit his description. While you need your mac address, and you do need to copy files onto the SD card like with any exploit, no game is required. clarification for the unwashed, please?
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    Gaming Opinions about netbook vs. tablet?

    i would, of the two, buy a tablet with a keyboard attachment, like the transformer prime (which has been out since december). with the keyboard attachment, you can get a full day's charge. the office apps are good enough for note taking, and you get the benefit of media consumption that a tablet...
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    Hacking Is there any way to update to 4.2 w/o having to redo any exploits?

    no worries at all. it's a relief to see that people can actually be sane on these forums.
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    Gaming Why does my PC emulate GC/Wii and PS2 so slowly

    i wasn't justifying the "debate." originality kept wanting us to "get on topic," but that was resolved long before i posted, and i pointed it out. if we are going to be such sticklers for staying on topic, the advice should have been posted to a different thread, since it is a different topic...
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    Hacking Is there any way to update to 4.2 w/o having to redo any exploits?

    i never attacked his credibility or knowledge, or said we should ignore the issue surrounding korean wiis. you're putting words into my posts that arent' there. i simply stated that his posts with regards to korean wiis had more of a paranoia tilt (korean wiis are everywhere and nobody, and i...
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