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    Hardware Smartphones as a second screen?

    Actually, it makes kinda sense to use your phone as a secondary screen. ie. For DS virtual console or for game ports like Tokyo Mirage (let me dream at least) or some nifty functions like OP's example of Splatoon.
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    Homebrew A A9HL-Boot-Manager like BootCtr9 with Dual Splash?

    Luma has his own Splashscreen option before redirecting to a payload; just be sure that you are using an updated version, also you can get some pre-made splashscreens @ Satchi's Magikarp thread here...
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    Homebrew Magikarp: Custom Splash Screens Thread

    i dont usually post too much (i guess i've only posted once or twice since i joined) but i was messing around, making my own splash screens and i thought maybe some of you guys might like them. they're all in the same zip with their previews btw
  4. souseiseki

    Hacking MiiWii

    just one question... with the new 4.0 update i use the waninkoko's Firmware-Updater_4.0 will MiiWii still work? anybody has tried that?
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