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    Hey :)

    Hey :)
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    Hardware Gamecube controller compatibility with Wii U

    Hi. As I understood, the only way to play to the Wii U with genuine gamecube controllers is to play Smash Bros U. But what for the other games ? We can use Nintendon't to play GC games with Gamecube controller. And what for VWii ? Does CIOS recognises the Gamecube controllers ? In any case...
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    Hacking Parental Control h4cked

    Sorry, I got confused with the initial info I got by looking only on the surface ;) Thanks for your work.
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    Hacking Parental Control h4cked

    So why this project ( is forked from the one made 8 months ago?
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    Hacking Parental Control h4cked

    You should have clicked on the provided link ;) -> So, all his work actually exists thanks to what neimod developed 6 months ago, since it is based on that. (Btw, In fact it was 8 months ago..)
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    Hacking Parental Control h4cked

    Hellow'! I found an interresting news on a french news website. Swizzy releaded this morning a graphical gui providing the ability to bypass the 3DS parental control, thanks to some code released 6 months ago by.. neimod. The tool can be found here. Sources...
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    DSi "Channels" Exploit Announced

    There's still a chance there's a GBA Mode in the DSi We can - maybe - access to it through the DSi Mode I have a great idea, one year ago, WinterMute made a hack in the DSi firmware to run homebrew with a limited allocation of memory space. If we run that code in DSi Mode with wintermute's...
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    First console(s) you ever owned?

    My brother had the snes, but my first console was the GBC Then I had the n64, ps1, game cube, ps2, ds, dslite, psp, dsi, xbox 360 Now i just own the Dsi, the ps1 and the 360 ^^
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    Wood Firmwares v1.12

    Thank you you'r work is truely amazing
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    Hacking R4DS major problem

    Just one word: haha Man, don't buy hacked games on ebay, it's just shit. lmao Anyways, I advice you to remove some games in your micro-SD and then just put Wood R4 as a new kernel; just google it, it's easy to find.
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    Hacking Acekard 2i or M3i Zero Sakura?

    Slow motion is a special mode which allows you to slow down the game. In my point of view, it's useless xD But it's still better to have it.
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    Hacking Acekard 2i or M3i Zero Sakura?

    Hello, I advice you to buy a SCDSTWO; if you can't, i have the Acekard 2i, and i have the M3i Zero, and I think the Acekard 2i is better. The M3i Zero is too slow, and the firmware is outdated... (there is the Sakura firmware, however, I prefer a modded Moonshell 2 xD) If you still plan to buy...
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    Hacking Supercard DStwo plug-ins

    Hello ! I have made a DSLibris plugin:
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    Dingoo A330 has been released!

    I would buy this "new dingoo" if we could emulate the psp, and if there were a wifi connnectivity. However, this is not the case, and the price is not affordable. I was looking on google, i have found severals topics on severals forum from last august about the dingoo a330, and, this was a...
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    Dingoo A330 announcement & news

    Ouch ! It looks bigger than the a320 version, and it seems it doesn't not support the Wi-Fi ! That's a bad news :s I hoped in a first time that it will be compatible with the PSP (the specs are better than the PSP, and the screen looks equal), however, this Dingoo is still cool
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