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    GAME BOY micro "mini" Review

    The GameBoy Micro was in fact compatible with the wireless adapter because Nintendo made one specifically for it. (or you could just build an adapter and use the regular one ghetto-style)
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    Gaming Mega Man L and R hell.

    For the GBA, SP, and original DS, it's easy (if you have a soldering iron). Just desolder the existing buttons and solder some slain ole tact switches in there and cut off the extra two legs.
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    Homebrew does anyone think VBA Link on VBA GX possbile

    Linking over the controller port using the GameCube to GBA cable would get around that, but that of course assumes you have a legitimate GBA game or backup to play on real hardware.
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    ROM Hack Interested In GBA Development!

    Also, Java is easy to learn, and is similar to C++...
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    Gaming GBA flash cart link wanted

    Well, try running CPU intensive games that fetch tons of data from ROM like Gunstar Super Heroes, and F-Zero: Climax. Almost every game I've tried on a Supercard (regular and MiniSD) has had some degree of lag. Though, I've found their cartridges to be sturdier than my EZ-Flash IV...
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    Gaming Boktai hardware problem

    Seems you were pretty thorough about this... I would recommend tracing the cartridge pins back to components or ICs (basically any point on the board with exposed solder connected to a trace leading to a cartridge pin) and do a continuity test (there should be one in your multimeter) to see if...
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    How the fuck does a car get this dirty?

    My dad owns one, and I can attest to them being front wheel drive boat-mobiles. (I call it "the tank" since it has tiny windows, tons of blind spots, and is really heavy) So, I also can firmly say this is not an off-roader.
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    Hacking Friends DS powers on but nothing happened

    It could be the backlight not powering up. In a DS lite it's near impossible to see the screen with the backlight off, but on an old DS, you can still see things dimly. Is there sound?
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    Homebrew DSi Mode Homebrew, by Team Twiizers

    Yeah, as others have stated, I believe they're injecting some fun stuff in the save game's serial EEPROM. The device the DS is hooked up to is called an Arduino. I have a few, they're fun to use for quickly developing microcontroller based embedded-type stuff. (like home lighting control, plant...
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    Brainfuck v0.0.1

    Always a good time...
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    Homebrew Can any body make a homebrew app that can download music to your DS?

    Well, I don't know about you guys, but I just ported a Java virtual machine over and just ran Limewire on my DS. Duh. I can't believe no one ever thought of that one.
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    Hacking identifying a flash cartridge
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    gameboy micro

    GameStop has them for pretty cheap in the U.S. and I'd recommend the EZ-Flash IV as a flashcart.
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    Why did you hack your Wii/Flash or buy a DS flash card?

    I originally did it to get homebrew apps. (I had a v1 DS and was lucky enough to have an RaLink WiFi card so I did the WiFiMe exploit to boot to my GBAMP) But later I moved on to DS and GBA piracy with an M3 Perfect SD.
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    I'm gonna quit

    You can do it!
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