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    Hardware Looking for suggestions

    Thanks for the suggestions guys, At the time of purchase (couldn't find the model I wanted In town so I had to order it off amazon) I didn't realize the console came with a charging stand for the gamepad. So I just bought some Sanyo Enerloop rechargeable AA batteries for my wii motes and will...
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    Hardware Looking for suggestions

    Hey guys been quite awhile since I came around these parts but I recently picked up a Wii U for the upcoming Zelda titles. When I originally bought my Wii I got an aftermarket charging dock for my wiimotes that worked wonders. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on one made for the wii...
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    Gaming Unable to update MW3 - offers download but doesnt download??

    Hmmm been awhile since I've messed around with Any CoD games but I believe all you needed was the most up to date wii shop and it would update the game as normal like you were using the disc. Are you using the Pal version on a Pal wii? I believe that makes a difference as well.
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    Gaming my mw3 iso is not working

    You need to use a cIOS with base 57 to play the Call of Duty games. If you followed a guide or used modmii its likely this cIOS would have been installed onto slot 250.
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    Gaming Samurai Warriors 3

    There was a bad dumb of this game floating around. The rip I found works without issue.
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    Hacking Some info please
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    Hardware Need a little help plz ppl
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    Gaming Best Wii game ever played

    I can't really pick a single game that is the "best". But out of all the games I have there is only a few that I really couldn't stop playing till I finished them. Resident Evil 4 Muramasa: The Demon Blade The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword (haven't...
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    Gaming New to Wii, Could use some help :)

    Go here: Read this thread through. It should have all the info you need on loading from disc. If you have any problems ask on that thread and someone should be able to help you. But do get a Hard drive to load off later.
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    Gaming MW3 asking to update before play begins

    Do you mean V.118.4.4?
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    Gaming Haven't used my Wii in ages... questions

    The newest motion+ wiimotes do not work with homebrew, so that maybe causing your controller problems (assuming you are using a new one). I have also heard instances of 3rd party hardware not working correctly with homebrew. Other then that Blade covered the rest.
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    Gaming MW3 asking to update before play begins

    Go to private match and then you can select the mission you want then click start.
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    Hacking Call of Duty : MW3 Updates

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    Hacking Call of Duty : MW3 Updates

    You need to have the newest shop channel installed as well.
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    Gaming COD MW3 update

    You definitely need to have the newest shop channel installed. Not sure if you need to have an account or not (probably do need an account). You can get the newest shop wad from modmii.
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