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    Hacking Where to Buy CycloDS from???

    (Taken from GBAtemp's Official List of Flashcart Dealers) -Based in Europe Good -Provide a large array of both GBA+NDS flashcarts -Get their stock in quickly -Quick email reply -Quick shipping Bad -Not the lowest prices around
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    Hacking Cyclo Evo & M3 Real Saves The Same?

    WOW. Fast reply. Thanks dude.
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    Hacking Cyclo Evo & M3 Real Saves The Same?

    Okay well.. I just recently 'upgraded' from an M3Real to a Cyclo Evo. ;DD Should be coming in tomorrow. And yeah, I noticed they have the same extension for the save files. (.sav) So I have two questions. 1) Can I simply just move the saves from the M3 and use them on the Cyclo? 2) And if not...
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    Hacking Has anyone tested G6 Real can be connected to Wii?? Thanks.

    rofl, everyone saw that coming. since day one they boasted about 100% compatibility with or without download play. ah well..
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    Hacking Ninja gaiden DS

    i have a G6Real. just gotta leave soft reset off and blow in the mic to wake up Marusama.
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    Hacking Ridgecity's New Skins Parlor

    HOLY DAMN. the first three are SICK. THOSE ARE THE KINDA STYLE I ACTUALLY LIKE. i mean, your other ones were good but usually based on a certain theme. those first three are straight abstract. madd props man. hope you win the contest.
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    Hacking Ridgecity's New Skins Parlor

    dude, that's hawt. keep up the good work bro.
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    Hacking codebreacker cheats ?????

    You can use Action Replay, if that's what you mean. here's a link for a cheat list in a .db format. i assume you know how to use it.
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    Hacking G6 Real 2.7d Firmware

    yuuup. if i ever get the first jump on a fireware update that changed the font, i'll put in huuge letters, no worries.
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    Hacking G6 Real 2.7d Firmware

    New Loader for G6DS. As for a change log.. uhh.. all I know is a couple of OS fixes and a bit more soft-reset compatibility. Clicky ->
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    Hacking Ridgecity's New Skins Parlor

    that. is. sexy. nice job ridge.
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    Hacking 1giga or 2 giga

    Yeah, what he said. 1GB if you'll only be using it for games +music. 2GB if you'll be using it for games + movies/music/ebooks/homebrews/etc.
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    Hacking G6 Real transfer speed?

    Not sure too much on how to fix that problem. My G6R 8Gbit takes about 16ish seconds to transfer 64mb. I'll keep keep you posted if I find something though.
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    Hacking New G6 software released V4.9c

    In other words.. Lego Star Wars The Complete Saga [USA] Ben 10 Protector of Earth [EUR+USA] Panzer Tactics [USA]
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    Hacking G6 Real Cleaner?

    sweeeeet, it works just like when i got it. i'm glad i didnt have to format that shit. thanks brah.
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