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    Hacking SX OS 2.9.5, FW 10.0.3 ... some issues with latest games

    2.9.5 is a buggy mess causing all kinds of problems with lots of different games. Rumor has it 3.0.0 will be released "soon". Probably once the new chip installs are done ( Speculated chip installers are using 3.0.0 already). Unfortunately seams downgrading back to 9.2 and using the previous...
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    Homebrew Question Switch Firmware 10.0.0 Compatible with Atmosphere?

    As usual it will be announced here when it is. Keep your eyes open for official announcements here
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    Every Half-Life game will be free to play on Steam until the launch of Half-Life Alyx

    Nice to give HL1 another run. Played it when it was out on cdrom and internet was 56k dial up. TeamFortress was the dogs nuts tho XD
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    What drugs have you tried? How were they?

    I feel the need...the need for weed :D. Seriously tho ive smoked it for well over 20 years without any problems. I don't drink ( perhaps a small one at xmas/new year but that's it) We all need some vices. Its true that it can damage some people psychologically however i feel that it probably...
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    Hardware Faulty Joycon

    I simply filled in their online form ,was sent and e-mail with a pre-pay postal label and instructions on how to pack it. This is the second time i have done this as about 3 month(ish) ago it was the left joycon that i had to send ( was still in warranty then). That was sent, repaired/replaced...
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    Hardware Faulty Joycon

    I was still in warranty. Also they extended my warranty by another 12 months once i received it back. They provided the free post label. Does take them about two weeks to get it back to you tho so i would suggest you pick up a cheap wired controller to tide you over till returned. Didn't cost me...
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    Hardware Faulty Joycon

    UK has its own repair center. Just had my Right joycon done. Cant post links yet but search for Nintendo Repairs UK on google.
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    Hacking How can i enter rcm without putting something? (jig or etc)

    I personally used a bit of wire to RCM my switch the 1st time. Worked on 1st attempt too and pretty easy to replicate once you get the hang of it. Saying that tho i did end up getting a RCM Loader for quickness eventually.
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    Hardware left joycon won't work correctly or calibrate

    Left Joy con messing up seams to be a common thing. My console was under warranty so i sent it to big nin to replace/repair the joy con. No need to send the whole console in and they e-mailed a prepay shipping label to send it it. If its still under warranty you should be be able to go to...
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    Hacking It seems there's two different types of RCM jig???

    I used a wire from an old 4pin IDE power cable. Ran it from pin 10 up to the heatsink area at the top. Alternative is the screw in center of rail. Works great and no forcing of any pins.
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