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    ROM Hack WIP Scramble - "NEO: The World Ends with You" Save Editor

    Absolutely incredible work. I used it to give myself FP and the Dibaryion, etc, pins around a week ago. I'm on my last day and there have been no negative effects (I try to give it time ever since I messed up my Xenoblade X save back in the day lol). Works fantastically. Any chance of adding...
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    ROM Hack Monster Hunter Rise Cheats & Gear Builds Discussion

    Check Xeno's profile. It's labeled Cheat Hunter.
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    ROM Hack Question Need advice modifying a switch only for save editors

    This is the method I've been using, posted by Kimbra: Use the first post here to set everything up, then after doing this once and being comfortable with it, I recommend...
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    ROM Hack Question Can somebody find Hyrule Warriors Age of Calamity ' s weapon address ?

    Considering the table in the linked thread is for Yuzu and Ryujinx, I would imagine so. Though I imagine you could use it for your Switch as well, if you export the save from your Switch and port that into Yuzu, then change things around in cheat engine, save it and import that save back onto...
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    ROM Hack Question Can somebody find Hyrule Warriors Age of Calamity ' s weapon address ?

    When you say you found the material addresses, do you mean that you found them by using a hex editor on your save file, or were you using CFW to access the addresses in memory?
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    Gaming Pokemon Home can't sign in anymore

    I'm having the same issue. I downloaded with the wrong Google account, so I uninstalled the app, redownloaded with the correct one selected, and now I can no longer log in on my Switch or Android phone. Any time I do I'm met with, "Temporarily unable to log on, as another device is currently...
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    Tutorial Edit OFW clean Switch save data from NAND backup/restoring via Fusee Gelee payloads

    Thanks for this! I probably won't be testing this for a while (waiting on new PC parts!), but this could be super helpful as all I want to do with my Switch is save edit in some single player games like Hyrule Warriors, etc.. I messed with editing HWDE back when it released but then, like, two...
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    Hardware Is it normal for the Switch to get hot while turned off?

    This has been a known bug since 5.x firmware when using a LAN adapter, but this would be the first time I've heard of it simply being through WiFi. I had the same issue with my Switch constantly staying warm, too, but I unplugged my LAN adapter when not in use and the issue hasn't resurfaced...
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    Hajime Tabata quits Square Enix, multiple DLC episodes for FFXV cancelled

    I still haven't beaten XV. It's the one NON-MMO FF I haven't completed. It's just boring and the story presentation is somehow more ass-backwards than XIII, and I thought it was nigh impossible to do storytelling more obtuse than XIII.
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    Where do you fall on the political spectrum?

    I was a centrist leaning left, but now I'm basically a progressive liberal. 13 years ago I was a Republican who graduated from a Bible College, 5 years ago I was a centrist, and the current political climate has pushed me further and further left because, quite frankly, I do not feel...
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    Hardware Switch left stick issue or shit stick ?

    It's not WD40 you should use, it's electronic contact cleaner. I had a problem with my stick continuing to input slight up or down directions even at neutral, so I picked up a can of CRC QD Electronic Cleaner and lifted up the dust cover on the analog stick, sprayed once on each side, let it dry...
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    Hacking Nintendo Switch Banning Hub & Warning

    Ah, thanks for the information. I'm stuck on my phone and the formatting for Drive is awkward when loading spreadsheets so I had tons of scrolling to do to find anything out lol. I appreciate the hard work you do in collating all this data.
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    Hacking Nintendo Switch Banning Hub & Warning

    I can't find the statistics for the lazy regarding people who just use Homebrew (like Checkpoint) and were banned. It's been a minute since I've been in the thread- have the been any more than the, like, 3 there were a week ago or so?
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    Hacking Suggestion Regarding error logs and banning

    I think that's what Libnx 1.3.0 is trying to do. Fatal errors no longer produce an error report that gets sent to Nintendo, that kind of thing. I believe people are trying this, bit by bit, to try and determine what Nintendo sees and what gives determination for a ban. As someone who has no...
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    ROM Hack WIP Fire Emblem Warriors Save Editing

    I'm sorry, could you go into more detail on this? I thought using Hekate in order to get to Checkpoint required booting into CFW? All I had been using are the save editors (which again, you guys did a great job with), but I became nervous after a guy left a report that he was banned for only...
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