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    ROM Hack Cheat Codes AMS and Sx Os, Add and Request

    Anyone have cheats for Slay the Spire v1.03 (678a5068b1db8450)?
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    Experience Android on your Switch, with the first publicly released version of LineageOS 15.1

    Just set this up and my joycons don't work at all. None of the inputs are recognized in the Android OS nor in Nvidia Games or Steam. I did pre-emptively flash the joycon fix (before ever booting into Android the first time) so maybe that broke something? Can I unflash that somehow? Edit: Nope...
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    Hacking Question Update Prompt

    I tried Gag Order and it gives some error like 'ns not found, process may already be killed, proceed with caution'. Or something like that, I don't have it in front of me unfortunately. Is that normal? That's what I thought at first but I specifically bought a 128GB card in prep for SX and...
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    Hacking Question Update Prompt

    Meaning my SD card is bad? I guess it could be though everything seems to work fine. Were you able to fix yours somehow?
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    Hacking Question Update Prompt

    I am on 5.1.0 and for some reason I am getting a system update prompt every time I launch a game or wake the system from sleep. As far as I know there is nothing newer than 5.1.0? So I don't know what it even is. I have WiFi turned off so I figure it had something downloaded already and is...
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    Hacking 3ds-flashcart SXOS Code Retrieval

    Thank you, got my key!
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    Homebrew Discussion SX OS Crack Thread

    Nothing in there unfortunately. I'll keep waiting but the whole thing is silly when you think about it, that someone may crack it before some resellers even deliver their codes.
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    Homebrew Discussion SX OS Crack Thread

    I wouldn't care about this as much if switchsx or 3ds-flashcard would deliver the two SX OS licenses I paid for... but nothing yet. I'm surprised TX doesn't sell it directly. If they can handle the activations you think they'd be able to handle the sales as well.
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    Hacking Discussion Team Excuter SX OX license delivery

    I ordered from 3ds-flashcard late last night and it got marked as "Shipped" at 2AM (6.5 hours ago), but I never got anything. :( I sent them a message through the order, hopefully I hear back soon.
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    Hacking Use Gateway Save Files on rxTools w/o Gateway Card?

    I have it installed and successfully dumped the one save I do have (a minute into the game), but haven't imported any saves. If you can do the conversion that would be great. I can research what to do with them afterwards. I only have 3 or 4 -- can I PM them to you?
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    Hacking Use Gateway Save Files on rxTools w/o Gateway Card?

    My .3DS/Gateway saves are all .SAV. I don't currently have any .CIA/rxTools saves. Hopefully I'm phrasing that right.
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    Hacking Use Gateway Save Files on rxTools w/o Gateway Card?

    I sold my N3DSXL and Gateway card a couple months ago, but retained all of my save files. Today I got a 3DSXL and spent a good portion of my afternoon downgrading it to 9.2 and getting rxTools set up and a single CIA installed. What I'm stuck on now is how to use my old Gateway save file for...
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    Hacking Gateway Mode black screen after installing on N3DS

    This has happened to me a couple times as well. I just reboot and try again and it usually works.
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