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    How do i get games on chromebook linux? im so lost :[

    for Minecraft Installer you can use Software, search it in Favorites
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    Homebrew Dsiware install?

    Jeffrulez. Exist a metod that saves?
  3. Phantom-Ant

    Homebrew Dsiware install?

    I tried to install dsiware, but it doesn't appear in the menu or elsewhere ... Help. I have a european dsi
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    Hacking How unbrick Wii Mini?

    I want to install with bluetooth, but is it possible that brick during installation? And if so prevent? (Or if is too late unbrick?)
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    Hacking How unbrick Wii Mini?

    I have a mini wii, I want to hack it, but I only have controllers with wii motion plus. I wouldn't want it to be bricked ... But I have a bad feeling, in the case, how unbrick it?
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    Hacking NOOB PARADISE - ask away

    Does Nontendont work on wii mini?
  7. Phantom-Ant

    Hacking Is possible modding Wii mini with usb?

    is possible?
  8. Phantom-Ant

    Gaming Problem with Ds Downlod

    i have a Dsi and i rename few games, may this affect ds download?
  9. Phantom-Ant

    Homebrew YouTube ad blocker?

    if you watch youtube videos on N3DS you don't have to install an ad-block
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    Gaming Problem with Ds Downlod

    In some games freeze when appere Nintendo write (sorry for my English)
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    Homebrew [Release] Rocket Video Player - Play videos with the ultimate in picture quality

    could you make a program all in one? I have various problems following the instructions
  12. Phantom-Ant

    Gaming Download ds problems

    on my R4 SDHC 2017 Gold Pro freeze when i play in download mode freeze in the writing "Nintendo"
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    Hacking R4isdhc 2017 launch freeze?

    tanks now works
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