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    Apple Ipod Click Wheel Games.

    how do you fake sign them pm me are you talking about tthe icrack with an account
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    Tutorial Ps3 UART control YLOD error finding tutorial

    Have you ever wanted to know why your ps3 is ylod so you can fix it? well now you can with this simple guide here is the github repository: and here is a link to the guide which I will be elaborating on some points in this...
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    Hacking anyone here use uart yet to find ylod errors?

    Ive used it and so far its quite awesome. Fixed a couple errors but I have a few more to go seems something happened with my cpu too error 801001 usually means nec tokins are bad and 3004 mean you need to reflow the gpu I fixed both of those and now I just have 901001 and 801701 cell xdr not...
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    Hardware Unpatched Switch with BSOD

    yep thats usually how it goes do any of the chips heat up to much?
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    Hardware Nintendo switch lite 2101-0002 (NOT M92 CHIP)

    cant even fine mention of this error other than here
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    Hardware Unpatched Switch with BSOD

    The corrupted emmc cannot cause those lines. I had one with the same exact issue. It will be one of 3 things ram chip 1 ram chip2 or soc. to test: take off the cpu shield boot to the screen above or try biskeys.bin. Now begin pressing on different parts of each chip one at a time. If when...
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    Hacking No gpp partition can I restore it?

    yep shes a goner its definitely the emmc and deleted files I found a way to get in the emmc even tho its freezing like crazy and all the files are jacked up or missing. I imagine since it cant mount a filesystem the micro sd card has nothing to mount to so it just freezes with anything more...
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    Hardware M92T36 or BQ24193

    if you can charge battery and plug it in switch should run without bq can't run without m92t36
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    Hacking No gpp partition can I restore it?

    It failed and I’m giving up on this switch I’ve tested and fixed every hardware thing so it has to be a corrupted Emmc and I don’t have the files since I’m just working on it. Such a shame people ruin these lol.
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    Hacking No gpp partition can I restore it?

    tegra explorer and biskeys payloads run no problem, tegra explorer has issues when I plug the sd card in and I cant dump anything to the sd as it freezes. Biskeys will dump the biskeys no issue. hekate text will load if I dont have the sd card in, I will try exfat and see if that works I thought...
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    Hacking No gpp partition can I restore it?

    no its a bluescreen switch I got for repair. biskeys.bin works and dumps to sd card but anything that is hekate based freezes when sd card is inserted. ofw boots imediately to bluescreen no nintendo logo
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    Hacking No gpp partition can I restore it?

    My switch is blue screen and I think I figured out why but I’m not sure. When I go into hekate text based version because my sd card seems to freeze hekate or anything hekate based. I go to Emmc and there is no gpp partition table? I feel like I need that hoe do I restore it? side issue anyone...
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    Hardware switch cant boot os atmoshpere or hekate but will boot biskeys and other tools

    So my switch is unpatched formatted to fat32 this is one that is new to me and I am fixing. It had an issue where little white lines would appear when loading cfw also blue screen when starting. I fixed that (it was the graphics ram) and now as you can see biskeys works normally. And I dumped...
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    Hacking where is rebug and is it coming back?

    where did the rebug website go? does team rebug have a twitter?
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    Hardware nintedno switch put on charge with atmoshpere now not recognized in rcm?

    its not that the overclock app when enabled would cause it to crash and do this when turned off it stopped doing it
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