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Male, 28, from Philadelphia, PA

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    Jan 28, 1992 (Age: 28)
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    Philadelphia, PA
    United States
    I'm a History major in college wiith a strong interest in the Romance of the Three Kingdoms. I an currently a contracted writer for the company Lukie Games I write video game reviews and am slowly branching out into written &quot;Let's Plays&quot; and How-to Guides. I really like Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Dynasty Warriors, and the Phantasy Star and try very hard to play every game in those respective series with what little time I have. I'm consider myself a collector in the sense that I have a decent amount of consoles and games for each of them. My current main console is my Xbox 360, though I may soon replace it with my Dreamcast. I'm always up for playing games with people so long as it's for fun.<br /> <br />Xbox Gamertag: FlashyWierz (Send a message as well so I know who the request is from)<br /> <br />DS Friend Codes: Game Name [friend code] (ingame monicker)<br /> <br />Yu-Gi-Oh!! 5D’s World Championship 2011: Over the Nexus [0046-4987-9458] (Dr.Wily)<br /> <br />Phantasy Star Zero [5199-4064-8704] (Dr.Wily &amp; FlashyWierz)<br /> <br />Pokemon Soul Silver [1119-2826-2459] (Dr.Wily)<br /> <br />Fire Emblem Shadow Dragon [3869-0197-6541]<br /> <br />Advance Wars: Days of Ruin [1850-3851-3358] (Dr.Wily)

    Retro Gaming, Gardening, being snarky.