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    DS #3517: Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars (USA)

    Could anyone please just quickly tell me whether this game works on a Supercard Lite or whether there is a patch?
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    ROM Hack Soma Bringer Open Translation

    Fantastic work DarthNemesis. Just a question, are you going to make translation projects for any other DS games after this one? Would be great, so many great titles still untranslated.
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    Hacking Problem with newer games and Supercard Lite + Superkey

    Hi, I've been using this card combination for a while now and so far, in every case, games would work fine...however, with more recent ones I've been getting some trouble, and I was wondering if anyone else had similar problems. Basically, the first game I tried was The World ends with You...
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    ROM Hack crystaltile2

    You keep linking to that thread whenever someone asks for an English version but it seems as if I'm too stupid to get it because I don't see an English version there anywhere, just cryptic talk about "language files" which are nowhere to be found.
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    ROM Hack CrystalTile2

    I don't really get how to run this in English. Anyone knows?
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    ROM Hack Daikoukai Jidai IV / Uncharted Waters translation

    Hey, as a huge fan of Uncharted Waters II for the SNES I hate how the series and the sequels has been criminally neglected outside Japan, with Koei rather opting to bring out tons of mediocre Dynasty Warrior games to American shores. So my dream would be doing a translation of Daikoukai Jidai...
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    ROM Hack Fuurai no Shiren NDS is a translation possible?

    Are you still working on this?
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    ROM Hack Fuurai no Shiren NDS is a translation possible?

    It's a great game, would be cool if you guys managed to complete a translation for this.
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    World of Sand v0.1 released!

    I've got a question about this. I can't get thisto work with my Supercard Lite. I put this in the SC software and then on the microSD card, however when attempting to load it up it just loads eternally and beyond the displayed size...what am I doing wrong?
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    DS #1126: Impossible Mission (Europe)

    So anyone actually played it yet?
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    ROM Hack Nintedo ARChive Format

    Doesn't Tahaxan attempt to do this as well? Seems a little unnecessary for me to have 2 competing apps that are trying to do the same thing. Maybe everyone would profit from working together. Just an idea, no offense
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    DS #1018: Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings (Japan)

    Aesthetics are more important than pure technical prowess, and therefore, Revenant Wings looks better than Chocobo Tales / FF3 for that matter...
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    DS #1015: Pokémon Diamond (USA)

    I've set it exactly like you said and yet, when I save and start up the game again, there's no save...
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    DS #1015: Pokémon Diamond (USA)

    Anyone with SC Lite got this running and saving correctly? If so, tell me why saving doesn't work with my SC Lite :/
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    DS #1015: Pokémon Diamond (USA)

    Doesn't save either with my SC MicroSD - what's the deal?
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