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    Gaming Luigi's Mansion 2 diorama back at UK Club Nintendo

    Ah awesome, ordered the mario playing cards.
  2. navimegaman

    Gaming THE "DENPA" MEN 3 The Rise of Digitoll

    maybe you just got better at it.
  3. navimegaman

    Gaming Pokemon for the BIG Screen or Web?

    Profesor layton and the mysterious mouse
  4. navimegaman

    Hardware What is this on the screen ?

    It's freckles, your 3DS is a ginger!
  5. navimegaman

    Gaming [EUR]Check your Inbox! Super Mario Deluxe Download Codes are being send!

    This game made me realise the abxy buttons are ridiculously small...
  6. navimegaman

    Hacking Project Pokemon Has Begun Hacking the 3DS

    The first secret has been found. gd job guys.
  7. navimegaman

    Hardware Coloured charging cradles EU club nintendo! be quick!

    But i think they can do a lot more with their coins. So far i have 2800 stars and from what i can see they are all things i might expect to find for 50p in a bootsale :/
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    Gaming Anyone played the Bravely Default demo yet?

    surprisingly addictive. they made grinding a lot easier to with the auto combat and fastforward :D
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    Gaming Youtube for 3DS - What do you expect?

    about fooking time
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    Hacking Shiny Pokemon Encounter Bot/Machine!

    you should be an engineer
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    Nintendo Swapnote shutdown world-wide

    Oh, Nikki, what a pity You don't understand You took me by the heart When you took me by the hand
  12. navimegaman

    Gaming Pokemon X/Y frame rate drop

    Seems like they tried to add their own style onto it, and it shows. Only seems to lag in battles at certain camera angles, but doesn't slow the menu selection at all so it's fine.
  13. navimegaman

    Gaming Is Pokemon X/Y worth it for someone who hasn't played the franchise in a long time?

    lol, we in the same boat. think they definitely over complicated things with the types, but it's still awesome :).
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    Gaming Attack on Titan: The Last Wings of Humanity - First Trailer

    Really curious how this will play. The closest thing i can think of to it would be spider man. The movements would work well especially with the wall running and such. Imagine the titan battles will either be largely quick time events or work in a similar way to dillons rolling...
  15. navimegaman

    Hacking Can I play 3ds roms without Gateway?

    you can't, or everyone here would've done it already.
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