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    Gaming New Super Mario Bros 2: Official Hype Thread

    How much moolah are we talking here guys? I would be tempted to buy it tonight but honestly, i wouldn't even think about it if it costs more than 25 euro. Buying it digitally means no physical box or anything, and you couldn't sell it on later. It's sick how much cheaper downloadable games are...
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    Hardware "So how about it Reggie: Was that worth the extra hour?"

    Shockingly bad. If i was a nintendo shareholder i'd sell everything immediately.
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    Nintendo 3DS E3 2012 Conference

    This is an absolute sham. If i have to look at another lazy new super mario bros. game i will punch someone. Can't believe the aim of this one is to collect coins. Sounds like some lame extra mode. Disappointment!
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    Skyward Sword release on 11/11 in switzerland

    I really didn't mean to scare anyone. But if it was me, i'd see absolute no reason to do it. It's not like it's going to make me more popular or anything And i'd always have it in the back of my head that i'd possibly get found out. I'm sure many others feel the the same (namely the ones that...
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    Skyward Sword release on 11/11 in switzerland

    Not sounding bad here, but what incentive does any single person have to upload the game and share it with a load of ungrateful whiners? A 1million dollar fine?
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    Gaming Skyward Sword Hype Thread

    Many thanks! :)
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    Gaming Skyward Sword Hype Thread

    Sorry to disrupt the leak chat, but does anyone have a link to the anniversary concert that was posted in the last thread? It was on a soundcloud account i think.
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    VC #1151 - Mario Party 2 (USA)

    That is all. (and Mystical Ninja 2 pls)
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    Socialised medical care?

    Our country kind of has it, but there are gaps everywhere that leave thousands vulnerable. I definitely agree with it though. I think if you look at the countries without it you see that no one really benefits.
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    Gaming golden sun

    Yeah so i'm guessing you haven't played them? Well regardless they're excellent. Both of them. Story is a bit miffy but when i played them i loved every second of levelling up and finding djinn's . I'd definitely get the first one and play that first though. The story (while being miffiy)...
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    Metroid: Other M interview - lack of health drops, abilities

    This game is already sure to get some horrendous reviews, as it puts hardcore gamers out of their comfort zone with limited buttons etc... I can't wait though. Sakamoto is a genious. Every game that he's been at the helm with has been amazing. Warioware probably seemed ridiculous when it was...
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    Metroid: Other M live action commercial

    I've watched this so many times already. It's EPIC. The music especially so. Seriously, feck Official Nintendo Magazine and their "the music is lacking" comment. Everything i've heard so far sounds steller! HYPEHYPEHYPE!!!
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    AKAIO v1.7.1

    Yay for Megaman fix! Is the new Blue Dragon game still having issues?
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    Gaming Zelda skyward sword demo

    This probably isn't the place to bring this up, but this new zelda really just is Wind Waker with a modified link (that already looks very familiar). Just look at those blades of grass even. I'm not complaining too much as i loved the look of Wind Waker and they're obviously focusing more on the...
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    GoldenEye 007

    I'm not ignoring this due to all the other games coming out. I'm ignoring it because it has little or NOTHING to do with what made the original goldeneye brilliant. Activision are going to make a mess of this, or at the very best make a semi-decent wii FPS. How is this much different to the...
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