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    Hacking Nand backup

    Related nooby question. If i nandbackup, hack the switch with SX OS, don't go online, play games, then restore nand, will i be safe from bans or are there logs still stored?
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    Hacking [GUIDE] Upgrading 8.1.0-0J to 9.2.0-20J

    PHEW got it working! Turns out I just had connectivity issues once the update started and had to manually input my DNS in internet options. After that, ALL SYSTEMS GO. THANKS SO MUCH GUYS! :D I should also mention that when I first read the steps, even ichi's guide, my head just about...
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    Hacking [GUIDE] Upgrading 8.1.0-0J to 9.2.0-20J

    Ah, I see. However, I tried it again, and these messages popped up in the debugger starting applet: 0004001000020000 FSUSER_OpenDirectory failed, ret=c8804478FSUSER_OpenDirectory failed, ret=c8804478 Unable to read data from the transport connection: A connection attempt failed because the...
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    Hacking [GUIDE] Upgrading 8.1.0-0J to 9.2.0-20J

    I tried this out and everything worked fine until i tried starting the update, it spit back a nintendo error code. Here was the message in the debugger > write(0x15E424, tuple(map(ord, "\0")), pid=0x25) null finished > write(0x15E0EC, tuple(map(ord...
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    Hacking [GUIDE] Upgrading 8.1.0-0J to 9.2.0-20J

    Well, I definitely want to give this a go, but with no programming or scripting experience whatsoever, practically every word of the guide might as well be chinese to me :wacko: Hopefully someone can upload a video or pictures to help translate this for us noobs. Thanks for the effort anyway guys!
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    Hacking Gateway 3.1 Ultra Public Beta Has Arrived (EUR, USA, JPN)

    hi guys, a couple questions about getting this to work with a jp N3ds 1 - Could I use a US old 3ds instead of a save dongle to upload the save? 2- since the next gateway release uses cubic ninja, and since the jp version of that game is eshop only and has been removed from the eshop, is it...
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    Hacking List of all Gateway questions (9.2.0-20)

    I'm also very curious about this
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    Hacking 3DS NOOB PARADISE - Ask questions here

    Hey guys, Supposing the new gateway 3ds 9.0-9.2 method no longer works once nintendo updates its firmware, and Nintendo does indeed update its firmware to 10.0. If this happens, would there be a way to update a system to 9.0-9.2 from lets say a console at 8.0 firmware? Are there any game...
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    Hacking 3DS NOOB PARADISE - Ask questions here

    Hey Guys, The exact restrictions of region locking with a gateway card are confusing to me. I want to get a japanese NEW 3ds and use it with the gateway card when the 9.0 update comes out so I can use the C-Stick for Super Smash (i already own the US version). If I were to do this (assuming...
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    Hacking 3DS NOOB PARADISE - Ask questions here

    If I get a Sky3ds (or a gateway 3ds after its next update) i understand that I can play backups online. BUT, will the online capability be gone after the next firmware update (after 9.2). Basically, if I get a sky3ds, will I be able to play online after nintendo releases a new firmware update...
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    Gaming eSATA to SATA cable, will it work?

    I have an ESATA port on my laptop and I flashed my 360 with an ESATA to SATA cable BUT I had to follow steps listed here to switch to IDE mode in my BIOS. Without that it wouldnt recognize my dvd drive and is apparently the case for most...
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    Hacking Best place to get an AK2?

    Ordered on the 31st from DXtreme and still waiting on supplier as well, if i don't hear anything from them by tommorow im just gonna order from stuffs4kids =(
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    Hacking How to install IOS247?

    Hi, just to clarify (kinda new here) I just run the file that nutta posted in homebrew and then select ios 247 from softchip to get this to work, or do I have to do other things as well? Sorry for the newb question ive been searching through this site trying to figure this out for like 3 hours...
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