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    A beta of Rare’s Dinosaur Planet for N64 has been dumped

    No it isn't. This build dates from 3 years after lylat wars was released, and it's clearly Dinosaur Planet - it even shares animations and cutscenes with the final gamecube version. Why post something so obviously wrong?
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    Hardware Any possibility of ported shield TV games to switch

    sure yeah if you want to write the driver shims, go for it, enjoy wasting the next 10 years of your life
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    Comment by 'Gnargle' in 'YUP, Worst Fears Realized'

    oh my god dude shut the fuck up
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    Gaming Nintendo censors/updates the cover of Super Mario Odyssey

    the fuckin nerds in this thread who are getting incredibly mad over a cover change grow up my dudes you look totally pathetic
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    Hacking Four new people paid off by Nintendo in the HackerOne program

    The fucking spin in this title, lmao Every company has white hat programs Just because now you can't get your precious pirated games so easy, doesn't mean anyone's sold out. Just means you're an entitled little shit
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    Hacking Nintendo Switch Android TV

    that is an emulator holy shit you do not know at all what you are talking about
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    Hacking Nintendo Switch Android TV

    oh my god This is clearly hard for a lot of people in this forum but the Switch having the same SoC as a shield TV is not the same as Triforce and the gamecube sharing hardware. Triforce pretty much *was* a gamecube, whereas the Switch's OS, kernel, syscalls etc. are all completely different to...
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    Hacking Nintendo Switch Android TV

    This post is so stupid I can almost believe it's satire
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    Gaming The Jackbox Party Pack 3 coming to Switch

    Jackbox is one of the best party games of all time, and a portable version is great news. Of course GBATemp doesn't like it.
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    Hacking Safe to update?

    I'm running an A9LH'd old 3DS on fw 10.7.0-32E with CakesFW. I haven't updated CakesFW since I set up CFW sysnand (around March). Is it safe for me to update to 11.0? I checked the Cakes repository and there doesn't seem to be a release that supports 11.0.
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    Hacking Emunand downgrade issue: same TMDs failing check each time

    Brilliant, thanks. Will try again.
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    Hacking Emunand downgrade issue: same TMDs failing check each time

    Has it been updated since 2 days ago? I'm using the latest release as of 20/3.
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    Hacking Emunand downgrade issue: same TMDs failing check each time

    I know this is preeeetty frowned upon but: bump
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    Hacking Emunand downgrade issue: same TMDs failing check each time

    Hi folks, I'm following this guide to try and get my OTP and sort out A9LH. Downgrading succeeds every time I try, but attempting to check the Emunand downgrade always ends in 10 TMDs failing the check. Some of them are false positives, but others do not match the SHA sums listed. Specifically...
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    Hacking Updated EmuNAND to 10.4 and now RXTools just presents a black screen?

    Luckily I do have a 10.3 backup from when I had to restore NNID functionality, so that's not too bad. If there are no better ideas I'll do this.
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