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    Give-away [CLOSED - WINNER ANNOUNCED] GBAtemp PocketGo S30 retro handheld give-away

    So basically this thing is another odroid go/retroid pocket competitor? Allwinner a33 has a quad cortex a7 configuration with MP400-mp2 at 1.2ghz and the Retroid Pocket 2 is running a similar setup except the CPU is clocked at 1.5ghz. I'm guessing its running a modified EmuELEC like the rg351p...
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    New "Poketoon" short animation takes inspiration from classic Golden Age era cartoons

    It's crazy that it has taken so long for animation to return to form in some aspects. The new Looney Tunes Cartoons from HBO Max have done the exact same by returning to the classic look. Reminds me of the animation from Cup Head which blends new and old techniques into an homage for classic...
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    Sega announces the Game Gear Micro

    Wait wait... Is this the PS5 like announcement that Famitsu was supposed to cover? Cause damn I'm disappointed.
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    About the current riots

    I could have sworn members were saying how much they don't want to see politics on temp and even complained about not having an option to filter it out. So yeah... Not surprising that the riots in multiple countries are not being discussed here. Honestly, based on a lot of the comments here, I...
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    Another leak reveals Wii source code, iQue related files, N64 test demos, and more

    Let's be honest here... While we know that using the source code in any capacity is illegal, there is going to be some developer that looks at the leaks and has a sudden spurt of "inspiration". It might not be in the next few days, but I'm thinking a few years from now we'll see the results of...
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    RetroPie 4.6 Released, with Beta Raspberry Pi 4 Support

    Just need a nice nespi like case and I'll upgrade my 3b in my bartop. I've been waiting for some solid n64 emulation on the cheap.
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    Webcomic Temper Tantrums #60 - Stages Of Quarantine

    My problem is that I finished all my projects in the first 2 weeks. I currently look like Tom Hanks from castaway and I'm staring at the walls often... Guess it's time to paint
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    Despite store closures worldwide, GameStop remains open, claiming they are "essential retail"

    Can't wait till there is legal precedent with this whole outbreak and the wellbeing of employees during pandemics... It really doesn't make any sense financially since I'm sure their cost to stay open are not being covered by the revenue they bring in due to people self isolating. I don't see or...
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    Emulation, game quality, and the value of "intended play"

    Honestly, I believe that the whole argument about accuracy and preservation is illogical when you are playing on an emulator. In my opinion, emulators are more so about accessibility than providing a 1:1 experience. Yes, there are emulators that try their best to provide an accurate experience...
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    Tiger Electronics is bringing back their monochrome handheld games later this year

    They need to bring back HitClips so I can listen to the Back Street Boys on the go...
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    Comment by 'gman666' in 'Not a fan of cleaning my'

    Sometimes it comes down to the type of case you use. I have a Phanteks Enthoo itx case and I rarely clean it. The dust filters on that case are amazing. Try an AIO with a radiator mounted on the back for your CPU and some dust filters for the fans. You could also invest in a Datavac or Xpower...
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    Give-away GBAtempTV Twitch Giveaway - Enter for a chance to win a copy of Pokemon Sword or Shield!

    I see what your doin... Giving away your copy cause you realized the terrible mistake in purchasing it ;)
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    Comment by 'gman666' in 'Well, I'm single now and dunno what to do.'

    Your value doesn't come from being in a relationship... Take some time for yourself (Hit the gym, Pick up a hobby, Meet new people, go to parties and such). When you feel that you are ready to get into another relationship go for it. In regards to her daughter, you should definitely explain to...
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    Teens promise to fix "climate change" with great idea

    I honestly can't take this girl seriously... Berating a bunch of ancient bureaucrats to change the world is not going to make much of a difference. The difference comes from everyday people making the decision to go greener in every aspect of life. Companies will always adjust to the needs and...
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    Nintendo shows off “a new experience” by debuting a new accessory for the Switch

    If I can't play it on the toilet then it is contradictive to the Switch's portable mode.
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