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    Tutorial How to get Switch Keys for Hactool/XCI Decrypting

    Python looks to not be in your Windows PATH variables. Provide the full path to python.exe rather than just typing “python” Eg >”C:\somedirectory\python.exe
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    Tutorial [Tutorial] Streaming your PC games to Switch (No latency)

    What about installing Steam for Linux on Switch and using its streaming functionality? Or Rainway? Do they perform well?
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    Gaming Nintendo needs to stop remastering WiiU games

    Wii U had some good and great games but the system sold crap so not a lot of people played them. These Wii U ports to Switch are NEW games to a majority of the Switch owners. So I have no problem Nintendo bolstering the Switch library with great games, even if I’ve played some of them before...
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    [Rumor] Potential proof Of Gamecube virtual console on the Switch!

    Winner Winner. Nintendo always renews trademarks and does nothing with said franchise. Every two years or so they renew Eternal Darkness
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    Hardware N2 Elite Tag with PowerTag Reader/Writer

    Hi Folks, I have a PowerTag Reader/Writer with 3 Tags but recently saw the N2 Elite Tag that can store up to 200 Amiibo in the single tag. My question is, can I use the N2 Elite Tag with the PowerTag Reader/Writer or would I require the N2 Elite Reader/Writer? I don't have an Android Phone...
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    Homebrew Update 11.2 and homebrew

    Thank you sir
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    Homebrew Update 11.2 and homebrew

    Hi Everyone - I've been doing some research to understand what my options are but it's not clear. I have a N3DS XL and a 3DS. Both are on FW 11.2.0-35E. Neither have ever been "hacked" before I have a physical copy of OOT I have a physical copy of Freaky Forms Deluxe (in the post) I have a...
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    Gaming Pokémon 20th Anniversary - Meloetta Event!

    Spare Arceus Code - Last Character left off :) E65Z8GW5SK3ARHW? Edit by thread OP: To whoever gets the code - be sure to comment that you got it so that others won't waste their time. It's not fair to others to just take the code and run.
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    Gaming Pokémon 20th Anniversary - Meloetta Event!

    It was indeed J. You're welcome :)
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    Gaming Pokémon 20th Anniversary - Meloetta Event!

    Here's a second Code for Darkrai I've pulled using the NbaHomePass "hack" E63A3DEAE3XA3SF? For fairness, I've decided to leave the last character off. It is a Letter!
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    1,600+ MW3 cheaters banned

    Yeah cos breaking and entering and stealing are the same as unfairly killing people in a video game...
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    Hacking LT+ 3.0 is in the works

    I don't know the specifics but I think this is a similar if not the same method that the xK3y team are using in their upcoming firmware to xK3y. I'm not implying anyone is "stealing" anyone else's work. Collaboration or even competition is good even for a scene.
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    1,600+ MW3 cheaters banned

    I think it's rather obnoxious to ban people who are simply exploiting a bug in the game. Just patch your mistake and get over it. Activision released the product with the poor coding, don't blame the user for their mistake. If they were modding the game or using 3rd party tools to cheat then...
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    Review X360Key Review

    The issue you had booting Modern Warfare 3 is you need to have the dae.bin file on the HDD loading the games to emulate the AP25 and XGD3. If it fails booting normalizing with CFW your Xbox would be flagged for a ban, but with X360Key, it will show the warning on the X360Key remote and give you...
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