N2 Elite Tag with PowerTag Reader/Writer

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    Oct 18, 2008
    Hi Folks,

    I have a PowerTag Reader/Writer with 3 Tags but recently saw the N2 Elite Tag that can store up to 200 Amiibo in the single tag. My question is, can I use the N2 Elite Tag with the PowerTag Reader/Writer or would I require the N2 Elite Reader/Writer?
    I don't have an Android Phone (iPhone Only)

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    If you get the n2Elite, you should get it with the NFC adapter for PC, so you can use their PC program with it. But yes, in order to save amiibos on there, you have to use their apps, as they haven't even begun working on an SDK for the adapter to be read by other programs. You can order the n2Elite from the GBATemp sponsored shop, nds-card.com. Just be sure to read the entire page before order. They require some additional work to send you the n2Elite w/ PC adapter, and it costs more. It's all explained on the page.
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