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    Gaming E-Shop Updates (compilation)

    The videos are still there when I search it, but why is the Nintendo Show 3D tab is missing from the eshop menu? Is this always happening when there's no video update? *edit oh there's a new tab called "Popular Videos" neat, and new Iwata Asks videos. :)
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    Tutorial The Best Way to Access Nintendo Video Outside the US

    thanks its working! :yay: I'm living in the Philippines.
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    Misc 3DS Universal FC (Friend Code) thread!

    add me fags. :ha: I'll add some later. 1461-7336-5580
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    Hi, I'm env, homebrew firmware skinner (back then) especially for Moonshell 2. I'm never really into posting stuff and voice out my opinion, but I lurk in GBAtemp almost everyday. I recently bought purple 3DS, and I'm loving it so far, (curse NA 3DS XL colors.) Currently playing RE:R and its...
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    Scans For the Sega, Namco and Capcom mystery game revealed? why it's copyrighted under Capcom U.S.A? hm..
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    Barbed Dream MS2 2.0

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    Homebrew ENV Moonshell 2 skins

    spacing at colortbl.ini? :unsure: i guess you mean message.000? :P can you send it to me? thanks for the concern JP, but I don't have my DS anymore to test issues. :( (I've had to drop it for personal reasons.)
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    Homebrew ENV Moonshell 2 skins

    Shameless update plug. :ph34r: new skin: Barbed Dream MS2 [email protected] first page.
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    MARX Moonshell 2 skin 2.0

    This skin is just a modified (much better) version of ENV skin (My Skin ;D), with AKAIO style ScreenSavers. Skin inspired from doodle style artworks, TonyHawk RIDE interface, Iphone Icons,etc.
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    [Rumour] New Capcom game for the Vita

    but Dragon Ball Z Kai Ultimate Boutoden DS has animated backgrounds. /stupidcomparison
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    Homebrew Moonshell 2.10 Feb 2010: Midi will not skip to Next/Prev?

    Is it only happening on midi files? try this: hit Start to show SystemMenu then choose GUI/ Audio Settings, under the Category hit the Music tab then you can read something like (not sure) "music playback" "when the music ends..blah blah" just dont choose the "turn power off" something like...
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    Homebrew Problem with Moonshell + Broken Button

    If you're using Moonshell 2.10 or child zwai try pressing select while playing a .mp3 file then click Audio Player, there you can set it to shuffle mode by the touch screen.
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    Homebrew MoonShell2 Skin Tester

    A great wake up call bro,
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    Homebrew Guitar Chord Chart/Player

    Jam Sessions 2 my friend, you'll find anything about chord chart there.
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