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  • Hey man, are you still working on Gameyob? I was wondering if the Separate GB and GBC bios feature in the 3DS version could be backported to the DS/i version.
    hi! first, thanks for your effort on GameYob, you made me VERY happy. but I have an issue to address and had to find a way to contact you, so I'm here. I was looking for someone having the exact same problem as me and found it here: https://t.co/LycPzETAak

    the guy explains the same problem I'm having and I'm too lazy to repeat it, however I don't use a DSTWO

    so please take your time to read this and fix it asap. xo
    Deleted member 378094
    EDIT: the guy on the link also mentions he's playing a modded GB game, just ignore it cause it's Super Mario Land. also, the palette problem extends itself to every b&w GB game [not others]. cheers
    What the heck. I thought your avatar was a pokemon drawing a rainbow or something
    Nope. Wind Fish from Link's Awakening.
    Yeah I know that now, when I saw it from afar it looked like what I said in my initial comment.
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