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    [POLL] 2020 U.S. Presidential Election

    Plus there no way Biden will last 4 years so voting for him you really his VP to be president. I also don't think he is thinking for himself he is just doing what his handlers are telling him to do. auto But they count everything now a death by COVID-19. Death by flu just stopped this year how...
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    Hacking Can someone create a thread about trusted SX OS modchip installers by region

    I get error when I click link. You do not have permission to view this page or perform this action. How do I get permissions?
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    Hacking TX Announce Preorders for SX CORE and SX LITE

    I just hope someone starts a installer site for people that don't solder.
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    ROM Hack Legit villager dump collection for NHSE

    If you use NHSE then play online want you get ban?
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    PSA: TX Pro from 3ds-flashcard with free shipping

    This is how they are going to lose their PayPal account. Someone will try to cancel payment now and let PayPal know what they are selling.
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    PSA: TX Pro from 3ds-flashcard with free shipping

    2018-06-05 05:49:05 USPS US Local|From USA 0.070 kg $6.50 I paid $6.50 for shipping but still have not heard anything from them. No tracking number either. Starting to think I should have order from somewhere else.
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    Hacking Who has recieved there Xecuter SX already?

    If you preorder and already received your Xecuter SX then. 1. Who did you order from? 2. What country are you in? 3. How do you like it so far? 4. Did you get ban? If yes then what do you think you did to get ban?
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    Hacking Xecuter SX to pre-order or not?

    Where is everyone ordering from? What is the best site?
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    Hacking Xecuter SX to pre-order or not?

    Wonder after you use Xecuter SX to load CFW can you go back to OFW? I mean if they figure out away to see and ban CFW I would want to be able to put OFW back on before I go ban.
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    Hacking Xecuter SX to pre-order or not?

    Xecuter SW did you buy, or are you waiting? If you did pre-order what do you plan on doing with it. Do you think you will get ban?
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    Hardware Does freakyhax still work?

    TeamZoura said "I'm going to buy freakyforms at my gamestop does it still work for 11.6" Requirements · A EUR/USA/JAP copy of the game (either eShop or cartridge) · Recent 3DS firmware, including latest (11.1.0-34) as of this writing So not sure it will work with 11.6
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    I can help you with your 3ds. I just did mine with ntrboot. send me message with your phone...

    I can help you with your 3ds. I just did mine with ntrboot. send me message with your phone number if you are in the states. I will walk you thru.
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    Hacking NTRBoot Released!

    Anyone try a M3 DS Real card to see if they work?
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    Favourite Android/Iphone Games for Mobile?

    Uniwar is a great game. It's a turn base Strategy war game you can play against AI or play online against other players. Built in chat and chat room so you can even talk to the creator. They ask for suggestion to make game better. Also been playing Pokémon Go, never got into pokemon so don't...
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    ROM Hack Animal Crossing: New Leaf Save Editor

    Will all this work on old3ds?
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