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    Hardware Savegame Backup from a broken WiiU?

    Hello. My WiiU is broken, can I backup the savegames? :( I can see nothin on the tv, the message is "No Signal".
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    Gaming Undumped DS List

    15.01.2009 - Germany -> Mein Chinesisch-Coach - Spielend Chinesisch Lernen (Ubisoft)
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    Gaming It works on PAL!!

    This is what >>>BmWh2T
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    Wii #0429 - Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3 (USA)

    For the first time in Dragon Ball Z history, the Wii™ platform will feature online gameplay, connecting DBZ fans around the country. >>> >
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    Wii #0279 - Dragon Ball Z Sparking! METEOR (Japan)

    OH NOOO ... Release-Datum: Januar 2008 ... --- Available November 13, 2007 ... USA
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    Gaming Sengoku Musou: Katana

    thx 4 your help... idiot... spam spam spam...
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    Wii #0279 - Dragon Ball Z Sparking! METEOR (Japan) Release-Datum: November 2007 --- Release date: Winter 2007
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    Gaming Sengoku Musou: Katana

    Hello... Who can help me? I´m in the burning house... there are enemies... and a woman ... and... i don´t get ahead... After the blue man comes... >>> No idea! ... I don´t speak japanese...
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