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    Hacking Help with moving from sx os to atmosphere

    I'd certainly do some research before jumping on 13.1.0. You have to set up Atmosphere a bit different for 13.1.0...newest version of Atmosphere is 1.2.4 on github. Fusee-primary.bin is no longer used on OFW13 or later, just a matter of deleting files that are no longer needed and putting newer...
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    Skul : The Hero Slayer \ Max Traits Save 2021-10-23

    All Traits : Skull, Bone, Spirit Maxed out Works perfectly with Atmosphere 1.1.1 & Nintendo OFW 13 USE: (Be sure to make a backup of your own save file and store in a safe place) Restore this file using most recent EdiZon.nro in (applet mode) Unzip the file I provided to the path...
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    Dying Light Platinum Edition New Game+ \ All Skills Max \ Modified Weapons & Gear 2021-10-21

    Tons of Modified gear, outfits, resources, & money. Legendary electrified grappling hook too! This save starts you in the first safe house on Nightmare difficulty, Fresh New Game+ Works perfectly with Atmosphere 1.1.1 & Nintendo OFW 13 USE: (Be sure to make a backup of your own save file and...
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    ROM Hack Dying Light PC to Switch Save Transfer - Super Easy!

    Transferred myself about a day or 2 ago... looking for a trainer type of save at 0% completion....I wanna play the game from the start but cheat as I see fit...know of any out in the wild? Please add a link if possible & thank you!
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    Metroid Dread \ Experimental Save \ Hard Mode + End Game Hyper Beam NG+ (Hard Mode) 2021-10-19

    Save Slot#1 will contain a save that uses an End Game weapon known as the "Hyper Beam"... destroys almost anything at a glance. This is completely experimental & for fun...decimate and progress!!! Experimental use only... results will vary!! Currently working on the Endgame "Metroid suit" & how...
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    Metroid Dread /100% Complete / All Rewards / Last Boss Trainer (+50000 HP) / Learn & Get Good 2021-10-17

    A non-speed run progress download, I believe in simply 100%ing a game to get all the goodies... Not having an OCD problem with the game in order to unlock only pictures in the completion is enough damn it!! Especially when the "Samus OG Suit" isn't's just more...
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