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Metroid Dread /100% Complete / All Rewards / Last Boss Trainer (+50000 HP) / Learn & Get Good 2021-10-17

A non-speed run progress download, I believe in simply 100%ing a game to get all the goodies... Not having an OCD problem with the game in order to unlock only pictures in the completion is enough damn it!! Especially when the "Samus OG Suit" isn't's just more artwork.....cheat this shit and be done!!! Love the game & recommend at least completing 1 100% item playthrough of your own via save file #3/profile2... I like watching speed runners, but I'll never claim to be one, it just isn't something I can't dedicate myself to or find enjoyment in (besides being a spectator).

USE EdiZon.nro to replace current save files (always make backups of originals!!) This version of EdiZon works with Atmosphere 1.1.1 on Nintendo OFW 13...
search EdiZon on Google & should be the most current at time of this post. (can't post link, membership restrictions). Place this file In the path switch\EdiZon\saves. Open EdiZon in applet mode, find Metroid Dread, open and restore using the file provided. Once Restored, back out and run Metroid Dread, then PROFIT!!

Note: Unsure if you would have to hex edit the files I provided them to make your own and usable, but may have to edit these to make them your to speak...Enjoy!!!!

Hex Edited these files myself & should 100% work if mounted/saved properly using EdiZon.

File #1 "Hard Mode" is the 100% rewards save. A new game was started in order to save Playthrough progress

If you continue the "Hard Mode" File #2 save you will have +50000 HP & should have no issue whatsoever killing the last boss given you know how to counter properly...File #2 is the trainer.

important Note when using Save File #2, only replenish HP from killing enemies...using a refill station may freeze your game !!!!

If you are having complications with this Save file, please let me know in the comments, I'll see what I can do to help. Be sure to back up & save your own saves in a safe place and delete from console before restoring the ones I provided for best results.
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Appreciate this! I 100%'d on Normal mode and felt the same way, it was hard enough for me. This doesn't seem to unlock all of the extra end game content however, I think there are 3 images for hard mode under a certain time. But also 3 images for normal mode under a certain time which still need to be unlocked.
The 1st slot (Hard Mode) save holds all of the rewards (all 3 normal mode Art & all 3 Hard mode Art + The Samus Suit bonus Art as well for completing all Difficulty Challenges) & all Chozo Art for the 100% item challenge, I started a new Hard mode in save slot #1 to ensure they stuck. Do not overwrite or preserve any of your saves for save slot #1/profile 0, if anything, delete save slot #3/profile 2 and make it your own slot for play or simply move your save from profile 0 to profile 2/save slot #3. I double checked the upload and restored it a few times to check the integrity, the save file I uploaded is not the problem, all 3 save slots should be in hard mode, there are no normal difficulty saves on what I uploaded. If you have a Normal difficulty mode save in any slot something is amiss, I have no idea how that would happen unless you preserved a save of your own. Best I can do to remedy this problem on my end is upload another save.
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