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Metroid Dread \ Experimental Save \ Hard Mode + End Game Hyper Beam NG+ (Hard Mode) 2021-10-19

Save Slot#1 will contain a save that uses an End Game weapon known as the "Hyper Beam"... destroys almost anything at a glance. This is completely experimental & for fun...decimate and progress!!! Experimental use only... results will vary!! Currently working on the Endgame "Metroid suit" & how to enable it. Keep you all updated if I make any ground on this endeavor. Enjoy!!

Atmosphere 1.1.1 on Nintendo OFW 13
Most Recent EdiZon.nro (google search for link) in Applet mode
Downloaded File provided in the path: switch\EdiZon\saves

Start EdiZon.nro, find Metroid Dread, click "A", choose Profile, press "Y" to restore saves, confirm, Back out using "Home" button, start Metroid Dread, Choose continue on save slot #1...DONE!! Press & Hold "Y" to use the Hyper Beam at will !!!
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