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  • Hi capito27 is there a version of pasta cfw with mset mode suitable for sysnand update without the stuff that can make the console brick after update?
    Hi capito27,

    Thank you for great job on PastaCFW configurator. But there is an issue makes it hard to me.
    When I use PastaCFW configurator to repatch the CFW, 404 error interrupts the download.
    I am not sure this network error come from China GFWnet or something.
    Could you please have the N3ds version PastaCFW released directly without repatch?
    Thank you very much.

    Your fan, dghhz
    I don't know if you've read the infos and get the file, since no response in any forms was given to me there.
    So, what do you think of the emunand support? Should we wait for roxas's statement?
    Please could you consider including emunand? It would be awesome combined with your new mset loader. Thx in advance!
    mset one is made by nop90, you should refer him for help.
    r u in Jail(tm) for Legal Reasons(tm) yet? xD
    obviously, i met Gatewait(tm) at the eatinghall and Sky3DS at the gymhall
    did they threaten to make a new card that supports 33 games and has a pink button?
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