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    Pokémon Legends Arceus leaked 9 days prior to release

    @shaunj66 For testing Purposes Boots on yuzu885 Fine. No issue
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    ROM Hack Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl Cheat Database

    1.1.1 Pearl sd:/sxos/titles/010018E011D92000/cheats/5D3A3B56321FFD4C.txt Did you mean, 1.1.2 Great work
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    Tempcast GTA: Chinatown Wars Vita Port, PS4 7.55 Exploit, Super Seducer 3 Banned & more - Tempcast #31

    But its ok to promote sell FUCK ME OR DIE ? I mean wtf ..
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    Hardware Problems with fixing my sd slot. 9 bucks. Go sell some toys.
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    Hacking Question Should I backup my keys? If yes, why?

    Any Errors while using lockpickRCM ? if not you got them. Just worry about the biskeys to be honest buddy most important.
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    Hacking Question Should I backup my keys? If yes, why?

    Cool , Make sure to have these things. Backup With Hekate payload: Boot0 Boot1 Rawnand (emmcGPT) Backup with lockpickRCM payload: Biskeys (System unique keys to decrypt/encrypt System software/OS/FW files) Title Keys (For Game/updates/dlc /encryption/decryption) You should be good in...
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    Hacking Question Should I backup my keys? If yes, why?

    use LOCKPICKRCM payload, and make sure the atmosphere folder is on your sd card. as lockpick rcm uses some of it.
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    Hacking RCM loader dongle not injecting payload

    try a older version of hekate.
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    Hardware Switch Touch Screen Issues

    The thing in Hekate ??
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    Hacking Question [newbie help] First time hacking Nintendo Switch (Mariko)

    Correct like the boys said above.. RCM your switch, and use Hekate Payload to back up the following. Boot0 Boot1 Rawnand (Emmc gpt) Then use lockpickRCM Payload to backup your system unique keys (Biskeys) and decryption keys.
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    Hardware switch error code 2162-0002

    Have your tried a factory reset. Turn the console off. Press the POWER Button while holding the volume up and volume down buttons. Continue holding the volume buttons to open recovery mode. Keep holding the volume buttons until recovery mode is displayed. Select "Restore Factory...
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    Hacking RCM loader dongle not injecting payload

    Check what led color you have, and follow the guide here How to show current payload: Click the button + to show the current payload (LED flash twice). How to change build-in payload : Hold the button + to jump to the next payload (LED flash 4 times).
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    Hacking Question Old Timer needs help in this switch woods full of trees

    If you have a good backup and its complete, boot0 boot1 rawnand, and your biskeys then you should be good.. Id just take another backup of your system again in a working state.. Soo boot 0 boot1 Rawnand key dump with lockpick rcm Better safe than sorry.
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