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    Hacking Panasonic Formatter Problem

    I was having trouble with a micro-sdhc card a while back and a program called Chkflsh (I guess it stands for Check Flash) saved me a lot of time and hastle. You can read more about it here (includes a link to the program). What I did was set the program to the following parameters. Access...
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    Hacking All DSLite Owners - Please help Me!

    That's how I got my DS Lite. Ordered it thru their website, and they ended up sending me a pink one... Unfortunatly the website doesn't allow you to choose what color you want when you order a used DS Lite. Needless to say, I ditched the pink case and installed a clear one, which is now...
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    Hacking Upgrading the NDS wifi range

    Excuse me while I get geeky. Wifi frequencies range from Ch 1: 2.412GHz to Ch 11: 2.462GHz (or Ch 14: 2.484GHz if you're in the UK and other countries). For a quarter wave antenna (which I believe is in the DS), the length of the antenna should be roughly 1.15 inches (calculated from Ch 6's...
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    DS Pack v1.4.2

    What folder are the zipped roms supposed to go into? I tried putting them in the same folder as the emulator, but it didn't see them. Maybe I'm doing it wrong, I dunno... The text file that came with it didn't say anything about what directory they were supposed to be put into, so I'm...
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    Hacking limit on amount of games.

    Here's how I accomplished getting 160+ roms on my CycloDS. Folders. + |\ | +Roms |ÂÂ|\A |ÂÂ|\B |ÂÂ|\C |ÂÂ|\D |ÂÂ|\and so on I put Games starting with A in the A folder, B in B, and so on. If a folder has more than 60 games, for example, the D folder, I'll make a D2 folder and put the rest in...
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    Hacking Is NewEgg the cheapest place to buy SDHC mem cards?

    I've got an 8GB Transcend Class 6 (From Newegg - Sold Out) in my CycloDS currently and haven't had a problem with it yet. The only problem I have had was inserting the card and getting the CycloDS to see it. But I'm pretty sure that's the CycloDS's fault, not the cards' fault. Probably a pin...
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    Hacking Cyclo ds test

    When you receive it, you should be able to hold B and Down as soon as the cartridge is powered up to access the CycloDS's Recovery Mode. If you don't see something that says something like the following, then something might not be right with the card. As soon as you get the card, you might...
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    Gaming The NEW massive CHEAT compilation thread.

    Concerning the "No Wanted Level" code in GTA: CW (YGXE DEE4AA12, and the other US versions), I was thinking it might be better to have the code mapped to the L and R keys instead of A and Up, since A is the weapon shooting button. There have been a few times where I've gotten a few stars...
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    Hacking Quality of SD card questions

    The Class rating essentially means how fast the minimum write speeds are on the card. At least that's what Wikipedia says. Class 2: 2MB per secondClass 4: 4MB per secondClass 6: 6MB per second From what I've seen (and this is just my personal opinion), it doesn't really matter where a card is...
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    Hacking Actel Chips

    Here's more info about the Actel FPGA chip used in the CycloDS. At least, that's what's used in the CycloDS I have...
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    Hacking Slick 7-in-one emulator

    As long as it plays games at 95 to 100% speed, I think it'll be a good emulator box. Plus the fact that it plays AVIs and MP3s is a bonus. The price isn't too bad, considering the current price of a DS, PSP, or iPod Touch.
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    Gaming The NEW massive CHEAT compilation thread.

    @elixirdream: Thank you. I can confirm that your code works perfectly. I like that you added Inf Magic and Pwr/Spd/Res to 999 for each character too. As for reporting about the code on IRC, I didn't know to report it there. My apologies.
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    Gaming The NEW massive CHEAT compilation thread.

    Small problem with one of Vistabuser's Retro Game Challenge (U) codes. In the Guadia Quest Codes / All heros max HP (Select) code, the max HP code works for the first 2 characters, however, the third character's max HP code doesn't work (it stays normal, and doesn't get set to 999). 94000130...
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    Hacking Text Reader?

    Chrono_Tata is correct. The text file has to be named the same as the game rom's name. Example: "Retro Game Challenge USA 3377.nds" (this is the game rom) "Retro Game Challenge USA 3377.txt" (this is the game text file) Also, I can't remember if this is standard or not, but I have all my text...
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    Hacking No RTS feature in settings menu

    In order for real-time saves to work, I recommend you be running firmware version 1.51 or higher. To turn on realtime saves for a certain game, highlight the game you want to use a realtime save with, hold select and push the A button to start up the game (or if the game has cheats, it'll throw...
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