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    Hacking Help with priiloader, hacking old wii

    Just re-mod it using Mod-Mii. Just DONT delete anything, and you will be fine.
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    Hacking ModMii for Windows Official Support Topic

    I'm not sure why its asking you to downgrade, but you certainly do NOT need to. Just stay on 4.2. Dont update to 4.3, as then you cant use bannerbomb.
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    Hardware NUSD how to use it

    @denots - you should be a bit nicer when someone tries to help, you did after all, ask the question. You should take a good look at ModMii, it will save you headaches (and probably other questions), later.
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    Hacking NOOB PARADISE - ask away

    @steveg78 - Red Wiis are just like any other Wii (except its color) - You hack them just the same. @wuher69 - You can use either, both will get the job done. ModMii has more info and all the bells and whistles, Neither need the Wiis Wifi, both pre-load all data from your PC to an SD card. I...
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    Tutorial Modify ANY Wii 4.3 & below

    @funbox are you using NON SDHC (High Capacity Cards)?? ie: 2GB or LESS ??? If not, try that first.
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    Hacking Problems with Darkcorp

    Do you have IOS57 now that its been corp'ed? COD BO requires IOS57 (I assume), or if using a USB loader, a cIOS with base 57.
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    Tutorial Wii Linux (XWhiite 0.2) with working WiFi tutorial

    Can I ask why anyone (besides a developer) would like to run linux or any other *nix environment of their Wii/PS3/Xbox360/anyotherconsole?? Isnt that what a PC is for?? For what does one hope to acheive ?? Curious......
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    Hacking How do I Trucha Signing bug on 4.1E?

    Just use ModMii which is in the stickies at the top of the hacking section. That will allow you to do everything you wish.
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    Hacking ModMii for Windows Official Support Topic

    Sounds like your PC is unhappy. Has nothing to do with ModMii, as you have yet to even launch the software. Unless the download has a virus and your AV is having a hernia. Try deleting it, and re-downloading from Xflaks links.
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    Hacking ModMii for Windows Official Support Topic

    @loquin13 What base IOS are u using for 249? Do you know your rip is OK. Maybe try to rerip, or 'obtain' another copy. Are other game images working?
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    Hacking partially bricked wii

    You state you are 4.3, but you have no IOS80 which it requires. Or is that an OLD report from back at 4.1?
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    Hacking Priiloader 0.5 - block updates

    Same for NET update, you can try, and it will attempt update, but fail, and throw an error message. Your safe.
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    Hacking HELP!!

    What Version of HackMii (HBC) are you trying to install now? The forwarder that FIX94 supplied in the download, should have allowed the HBC to launch via the method he supplied. "OK, then copy this dol to your sd card: Start preloader, select the dol...
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    Hacking Problems formatting USB to WBFS on Wii

    Easier Option, borrow a mates PC for the 5 mins it takes to format the drive
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