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    Hacking How to change basic settings from song to song

    I am looking to learn a little bit about arm assembly and GBA games that use the MP2K sound engine. I am mainly wanting to learn how to change sound engine settings when a new song is loaded. I already have a grasp on how to change sound engine settings in general. I apparently need to know a...
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    How to find music player information in weird nonstandard MP2K format?

    I have noticed that some GBA games that use the MP2K sound engine don't necessarily use nice and neat song table. They instead use a weird format that's not as nice and neat and is kind of confusing. My question here lies with the fact that I currently am not able to find where the song option...
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    Homebrew What is the 3ds capable of sound wise (Unlocked Thread)

    A moderator locked my of last thread (of the same name) for an unknown reason. This thread is to continue the discussion about what the 3ds can do sound wise. If a moderator wishes to manually lock this thread please contact me or state a reason before locking it. This thread is posted here on...
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    GBA/NDS Rom Hacker

    GBA/NDS Rom Hacker
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    Hello All

    Hello All
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    Do video games actually rot your brain?

    Interesting video! I found it to be very informative. auto OUCH! That sounds really bad!
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    Do video games actually rot your brain?

    I am currently staying with some family friends through college and one day when one of their friends were over, the topic somehow turned to video games and young people. The friend that was over to help us shuck some corn said that "video games are rotting people's brains." I was in the room...
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    GBAtemp 2021 Giveaway Raffle - winners announced!

    Those odds are terrible. I'm not holding my breath about winning anything at this point.
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    GBAtemp 2021 Giveaway Raffle - winners announced!

    Participation for this raffle ended on July 31 so it's too late to try and enter a submission now.
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    Hardware A general question regarding math calculations and ram on the GBA

    If a game developer were to use ram to perform quick mathematical calculations on the fly where would the most likely place be for that?
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    Oh, thank you for letting me know! No wonder I was the only one on the forum both today and yesterday, and there hasn't been much activity since early 2020. I messaged the forum owner about this, however, after reading your response I am no longer expecting to receive a response from the owner...
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    The text box is very small, and when I click on it, I can't type in it. Need help please. Any response to this problem will be better than no response at this point.
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