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    Hardware Dualsense/Charging cradle pinout & voltages

    Hi So the official sony dualsense charging cradle/dock is stupidly expensive. Has anyone managed to find any documentation regarding the dualsense's bottom pins/ dock's pinout? Is there any charging logic or just pure voltage applied to the pins? The price is stupid and i figured I could make...
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    Star Citizen unveils the Legatus Pack that costs $27,000

    You guys are so funny. It obviously is a marketing stunt, so that SC can remind people it exists on sites like this. That being said even if it was given out for free what would be the sense of buying it? If you get everything what other stuff is there to get? Its like playing on "unlock all"...
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    Webcomic Temper Tantrums #1 - Keeping with current trends

    <spoiler>I fukken love oldschool webcomics</spoiler>
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    What DNS do you use?

    I use OpenNIC with DNSCrypt and Unbound. I don't mind waiting 2ms longer for a response if that means google or my isp dont know about my neckbeard weeaboo anime watching and casual browsing.
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    Hardware Aftermarket PSP Chassis form China (or elsewhere)

    Yeah I saw a few there and from what I've seen these aren't half bad, just asking before I commit to a specific model. Its pretty cool that they also have psp go shells. GOs are pretty rare and expensive in good condition. Now that I see that I can replace the panels I might get one. I have a...
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    Hardware Aftermarket PSP Chassis form China (or elsewhere)

    Hi! Its nearly impossible to get a PSP in mint condition nowadays. I have my good old PSP Phat in a pretty banged up, and everyone who also owns a 1000 knows that if your panels are cracked then you analog will behave awfully. That being said, I'm in a market for a new chassis (both front and...
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    to all the people who doubted a new downgrade

    I'm sure you'd hack my 3.55 slim
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    to all the people who doubted a new downgrade

    seems to me you never had a ps3
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    Hacking (4.x only) CIA CFW Complete Guide

    Got it working
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    Hacking emuNAND Tool - Release and Support thread

    Im trying to find some info about drag_emunand_here.bat atm since when I run it it creates a small 1kb REDNAND.bin and the cmd window returns Adding dummy data... please wait The syntax of the command is incorrect. Thx for the help nop90 and sorry for the offtop
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    Hacking emuNAND Tool - Release and Support thread

    Its 954 Megs, im following this guide: Edit: Damn sorry, youre right that odd bat file seems to be to blame here since the rednand.bat it creates is only 1kb
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    Hacking emuNAND Tool - Release and Support thread

    I extracted my emunand fine, but when Im trying to inject my nand the progress bar gets stuck at 0% and nothing happens. Any solutions?
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    Love is in the air! GBAtemp February 2014 raffle!

    She will always be a mystery.... Skyrim..
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