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    Gameshark for Gameboy v3.1 - Parallel Connection

    Hey, I don’t have the cd, but I found the install files online. Send me a Dm and we can arrange a way for you to get a copy.
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    Super Nintendo games are coming to Nintendo Switch Online

    No Donkey Kong Country? Really?
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    Hacking R4 Gold Pro - Freezing when Creating Save while launching Game

    Figured out the issue. I needed to Patch my games with the DS-Scene Rom Tool. Completely forgot that these games required AP Patches and some required EXP Patches. This thread can be closed
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    Hacking R4 Gold Pro - Freezing when Creating Save while launching Game

    Good Morning, I have recently Acquired two "R4 Gold Pro" and when attempting to launch a game, the system freezes when attempting to Create the Save file. I currently have tried a 64gb and 32gb micro sd card, and formatted for fat32, default allocation size, 32kb and 64kb. I have even gone to...
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    The Sonic the Hedgehog movie has been delayed to 2020

    I think its crazy how much power there is in criticism to stop/delay something like this. Clearly when they released the trailers the Producer, and the Studio responsible felt it was perfect. No actual point to this, just stating that its strange. Continue.
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    Hardware EZFlash Omega - Linking GBC Rom to GBC Console

    Hello Temp, The Gf and I just recently got an EZFlash Omega and two modded GBA consoles with the AGS101 backlit. We confirmed we can link the EZ Flash Omega to a legit copy of Pokémon emerald using a GBA Link Cable. However we are trying to figure out how to link Pokémon Red to a Gameboy...
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    Gaming Is there a way to get Zeraora after the Event ?

    Then obtaining a distribution card and a second console is the only way
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    Gaming Is there a way to get Zeraora after the Event ?

    You could inject the Wondercards into the game save using pkhex
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    Gaming need help what do i do lost cartridge for ssbu and lets go eevee

    If you lose the physical copy your done. Get over it. Buy a new one, Digital Download or Find the nsp and cfw. THis entire thread is pointless.
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    Razer is making a gamer toaster

    "I'm going to put together my team of designers and engineers. It will take a few years" - Lol what ? Its a Toaster.
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    Gaming pkhex corrupted my save file pkmn sun

    there should be a bak folder in your pkhex directory. I know I always do. Never edit your exported save directly. Always make a copy and put it in checkpoint under a different folder then the original export.
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    PlayStation Vita prototype appears on eBay, listed for $20,000

    Too bad the production vitas didnt use regular sd cards
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    Is this a scam ?

    If you have to ask if its a scam, and it doesn't make any sense, its likely a scam
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    Homebrew mega evolutions pokemon QR codes

    What Pokemon are you unable to mega ? Mega Forms are in battle only. The original form is the only form that can be traded. For example, Alakazam can be traded, Mega Alakazam cant as it only evolves in battle, and de-evolves after battle.
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