XC2SaveNETThingy Release 6

A Windows PC Save Editor package for Xenoblade Chronicles 2 + XC2 Torna The Golden Country Expansion

  1. damysteryman
    A Windows PC Save Editor package for Xenoblade Chronicles 2 + XC2 Torna The Golden Country Expansion


    XC2Bf2SaveNETThingy - For Xenoblade 2 base game
    This app can edit just about every byte of data in a Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Save File.

    XC2IraSaveNETThingy - For XC2 Torna The Golden Country Expansion
    This app can change a lot of data in a XC2 Torna The Golden Country Save File.

    These include changing data to values that could not normally be obtained via regular gameplay.

    Gitlab Repo - https://gitlab.com/damysteryman/XC2SaveNETThingy
    Forum Thread - https://gbatemp.net/threads/xc2savenetthingy-a-xenoblade-chronicles-2-save-editor.512217/

    How to use:

    0. Ensure you have Windows computer and Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6 installed.
    This is a Windows app running on the .NET Framework, so you require a modern Windows system, and the Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6 installed on your system.
    Running under other environments under things like wine/mono have not been tested.

    1. Extract/Obtain your save file.
    First you must obtain your save file in some way, and get it from your Switch to your PC. A good way to do this is to use the Checkpoint Save Manager Switch Homebrew App, or something similar.

    2. BACK IT UP!
    Beefore going any further, be sure to make a backup copy of your extracted save file, and store it in a safe place. This is just in case you change some data to values that the game itself does not like.

    3. Load it into the app.
    Start the app, then click the "Load Save File..." button to select and load your save file ("bf2savefile.sav" for base game save file, "irasavefile.sav" for Torna Expansion save file), and the file should be loaded into the program, provided there are no issues with it.

    4. Edit stuff!
    Edit whatever fields you want! Keep in mind that the game may react strangely after loading in save data with values that are not obtainable via normal gameplay.
    (Not that it should stop you from trying and experimenting, let's see how far the game can be pushed! :P)

    5. Save your edited file.
    After you are done editing, click the "Save File As..." button to save your save data to a file. For the game to recognize it, the file needs to be called "bf2savefile.sav" for base game saves, or "irasavefile.sav" for Torna Expansion saves.

    6. Restore the save file to the console.
    After that, you must restore it back to your Switch console. Again, this can be done with the Checkpoint Save Manager Switch Homebrew App, or something similar.

    7. Load up the game and check thing out/see what happens.
    Finally, load up the game and your save, and enjoy your changes/see your data altering experiments!

    1. The game can behave strangely in reaction to certain changes that are not normally possible in regular gameplay. The game could do a few different things in such a situation:
    * The game may be perfectly happy with your changes and run fine, changes and all
    * The game may refuse your changes and reset them back to what they were supposed to be, as if your edit was never done.
    * The game may try to run with your changes, only to not be programmed to handle your alterations and crash instead.
    * Remember, just because you have the power to alter the save data to whatever you want, does NOT mean that the game itself will be happy with everything you try to do!

    2. There has been limited testing done on the results of save editing on the game's side of things. While some testing has been done to ensure that the editor does in fact modify the correct part of the save for each field in the app, since there are no "safety gloves" or "hand holding" regarding what data values are allowed or not, the alterations that this app can make have not necessarily been tested in-game, and thus, it is not yet known exactly how the game will react to modifying every single field that is editable, especially if modified to values that cannot be obtained via normal gameplay. If you wish to experiment with this sort of stuff, then by all means do so, and please report your findings if you like. But please do make sure to backup your save file beforehand if you care about it! (So far, this app has only been tested with saves from versions 1.3.0 and 1.5.0/1.5.1/1.5.2/2.0.0/2.0.1 of Base Game + DLC, and 1.0.0/1.0.1 of Torna The Golden Country)

    Here are some screenshots:
    XC2Bf2SaveNETThingy - For Xenoblade Chroniches 2 base game

    Warning: Spoilers inside!

    XC2IraSaveNETThingy - For XC2 Torna The Golden Country Expansion
    Warning: Spoilers inside!
    Change log:
    Release 6 (Release versioning changed due to conversion to multi-component package)
    XC2SaveNETThingy Core v1.0:
    Separated all the core backend stuff into a separate .dll file
    - UPDATE: Added proper support for handling v1.5.0 data
    - NEW: Added support for handling Torna Golden Country save data
    - UPDATE: Fixed typos in GUI Text data and changed a few field names to reduce confusion (Select Weapon text for Driver Arts, Blade Special Recast Rev to Damage Multiplier)

    XC2Bf2SaveNETThingy v1.5:
    Properly handles Driver v1.5.0+ data + other fixes/updates
    - UPDATE: Now properly handles Driver v1.5.0+ specific data
    - BUGFIX: Driver ListBox could become blank if loading a save file after having already loaded one
    - UPDATE: Moved Driver Skill Points GroupBox to Driver Affinity Chart tab

    XC2IraSaveNETThingy v1.0:
    Initial Release
    - NEW: Created Save Editor for Torna Golden Country Save Files

    Quick Bugfix Release + DB update to handle 2.0.0 content
    - UPDATE: Identified BladeArtsExId and BladeArtsEx2Id as Blade Special IV IDs
    - BUGFIX: BladeArtsExH and BladeArtsEx2H were being replaced by Blade Special IV IDs
    - UPDATE: Added controls to more easily edit Blade Special IV
    - UPDATE: Moved Blade Specials to new tab, separate from Blade Arts
    - UPDATE: Added 2.0.0/Torna DLC Content to db (Names, Arts, Items etc.)
    - NEW FEATURE: Added setting to enable/disable the ability to edit Read-Only fields

    New Features from User Requests
    - NEW FEATURE: Added Item sort function (Can sort by ID, Name, Qty, Equipped, Time Obtained, or Serial by clicking respective column header in Item grid
    - NEW FEATURE: Added button to Max out Qty of all Items in currently viewed Item Box

    New Features + Ver 1.5.2 Support
    - NEW FEATURE: Added Blade Import/Export to/from File
    - NEW FEATURE: Added Existing Item search function
    - NEW FEATURE: Added Easy-Add New Item to ItemBox function
    - NEW FEATURE: Added Right-Click menu for Items to set Acquired Time to Current Time, and to Auto-Generate New Serial for an Item
    - UPDATE: Changed how ComboBoxes show their data so name comes first, to allow for easy searching by typing into ComboBox
    - UPDATE: Completely overhauled Game Flag Data section, now are several lists instead of hex box, also known Flags have ben named, such as Blade Awakening Videos Watched, or various other game stats (ex. some are used for Affinity Charts)
    - UPDATE: Made Driver Stats, and some Rare Blade stats Read Only to avoid confusion since the game ignores those values anyway
    - BUGFIX: Driver Arts Levels Combo Box could attempt to load an Art Level beyond what is known/implemented
    - UPDATE: Restructured backend Database to easily allow future support for App translations to other languages
    - UPDATE: Added support for 1.5.2 DLC data

    Update to support Ver 1.5.1 DLC + Affinity Chart Import/Export
    - NEW FEATURE: Added ability to Import/Export Blade Affinity Chart Data to/from file
    - UPDATE: Updated data files to support Ver 1.5.1 DLC
    - UPDATE: Updated data files to recognise Driver: Jin (Challenge Mode)

    - BUGFIX: Main Form refused to load save if Merc Group Blade Data was invalid
    - BUGFIX: About form hyperlinks did not load URL when clicked

    - Initial Release