WebUI 1.4

A web Interface for Lan-Play

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    • Ability to add custom servers.
    • Ability to change port. (Defaults to 80.)
    • Ability to set a login. (Useful If running on an open port.)
    • Smooth minimalist design, easy to use.
    • Open source.
    • View and connect to servers across multiple devices. (A smart phone, Nintendo Switch, etc)
    1. Launch WebUI via the precompiled binary or through the AutoHotKey script.
    2. Select the Lan-Play client binary. (lan-play-win32.exe or lan-play-win64.exe)
    3. Select your network interface. (The one you use normally use with Lan-Play)
    You should now see a new tray icon, you can hover over it to see the current status, double click to launch the UI, and right click for additional options.

    Additional Notes:
    This project is a WIP, It's written in AutoHotKey and originally was never intended to be released.
    (Yes, I know the name kinda sucks, I'm bad with naming things.)

    If you have any issues with it or have some suggestions, feel free to post them in the main thread and I'll respond whenever I can. Enjoy. :)
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