WebUI 1.4

A web Interface for Lan-Play

  1. WebUI 1.4

    Looks like I broke the custom server interface with the previous update (whoops!), this update fixes that.
    This also fixes an issue with the update checker code being triggered multiple times. (double whoops!) :wacko:
  2. WebUI 1.3

    • Added a update checker.
    • Added an option to specify additional parameters. (Defaults to: --fake-internet)
    • WebUI functions can now be called from JavaScript via XMLHttpRequest. (Limited to certain user-defined functions.)
    • WebUI now simulates multi-threading via using an additional process to handle tasks.
    • More bug fixes.
  3. WebUI 1.2

    • You can now set a login. (Useful If you're running WebUI on an open port.)
    • You can now double click a custom server entry to edit it.
    • The UI will now update more smoothly. (Using XMLHttpRequest instead of reloading the page.)
    • Bug fixes.