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Viracide v1.01

Press A to begin the game. Move the Droid using the control pad. Use A and CONTROL PAD to fire lasers. Lasers can be fired independent of movement. Use B to access Terminals, Keypads and Lifts. THIS GAME IS NOT A STRAIGHT SHOOTER!!!IF YOU DO NOT THINK BEFORE YOU FIRE, YOU WILL NOT GET FAR!FIRING WILL CAUSE THE DROIDS TO FIRE ON YOU!WHILE YOU ARE STILL, THE DROIDS WILL HOLD FIRE!USE THIS TO YOUR ADVANTAGE!TAKE YOUR TIME, LEARN THE BEHAVIOUR OF THE DIFFERENT TYPES OF ROBOTS.USE THE TERMINALS TO THEIR FULLEST POTENTIAL. EXPLORE ALL THE OPTIONS.Use the elevators to move between the two levels. Find codes and use keypads to open energy gates. Find the Exit to Finish the Demo.

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