Another World

Red Square (Virtual Boy) 7/19/19

Update for actual hardware

  1. Another World
    This is an update to Red Square, the Nintendo Virtual Boy homebrew game. This update fixes a few bugs to make the ROM fully compatible with actual hardware. FB and FB+ users will need to pad the ROM (method #3 - duplicate data / default size 21 - 2MB) before making use of it on actual hardware.
    Change log:
    - Instruction Cache was enabled
    - Wait Controller was configured
    - VBlank period is now done via VIP interrupt
    - VBlank interrupt is waited for using HALT
    - Keypad polling was changed to initiate a hardware request at the start of a frame and poll the keys at the end of a frame
    - FRMCYC was set to 0 on boot (as is done by commercial games)


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