Tempcast #76

Tempcast #76 2022-05-17

Join us this week as we discuss some of the biggest gaming and homebrew related news in the past week, month or whatever time it's been since the last episode. Starting off, we talk about the new hopefully-not-to-be-DMCA'd-soon homebrew project called Metroid 64 by mexican developer Luto Akino, following up with the new fiscal report for Nintendo's FY. After which, we talk about a newly discovered build of Duke Nukem Forever - with the source code out on the web somewhere, compilable and playable. Square Enix has decided to sell off it's western IPs, we argue whether or not this is good or bad for franchises such as Deus Ex and Tomb Raider (no we don't lol, but we should've).

0:00 - Intro
2:30 - Metroid 64
10:25 - Nintendo fiscal report
23:20 - Dukem Nuke 4ever
32:00 - Square Enix sells it's only good IPs
38:30 - Outro
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