Tempcast #77

Tempcast #77 2022-05-24

In this weeks low energy, zero motivation episode we discuss some interesting news from the homebrew scene. Starting off, we discuss the Ship of Harkinian Ocarina of Time PC port getting some new updates including 60fps, this portion of the podcast contains a segment where AlanJohn poorly explains how interpolation works and why it's a no-no in gaming. Millions of Windows 95 gamers were heartbroken from the news that the acclaimed emulator Dolphin is going to be Windows 10 (and above), which is something we deeply discuss. PSN Plus or whatever it's called has old games now. Finally, Square Enix has realized they need more money and have started to invest heavily into NFT and other blockchain technology for their upcoming games, join us as we tear apart this idea and explain amateurishly why it's a bad idea. Does anybody remember Pokemon Sleep?

0:00 - Intro
1:42 - Harkinian OoT Port
15:00 - Dolphin emulator Windows 7 no more
22:40 - PSN Plus adds PS1 games with trophies
30:00 - Square Enix NFT disaster
49:30 - What happened to Pokemon Sleep?????
56:20 - Normal Redoes announced Death Stranding Two
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