Switch theme injector Version 4.6.2 fix

Create custom themes for the switch !

  1. exelix11
    This tool allows you to easily change the background and the layout of the Home menu and other parts of the switch os.



    All firmwares >= 5.0.0 are officially supported, older firmwares should be compatible but haven't been tested.
    The app is pretty straightforward to use: themes are in SZS format and are extracted from the home menu RomFS, open a compatible szs, open a 1280x720 image to use as a background and click on save.
    There is a complete tutorial in the release thread.

    • Lockscreen, home menu and user settings support for firmwares 5.0 up to 6.1.0
    • From 6.0 support for news applet and console settings as separate szs files, on <=5.x it's all in common.szs
    • Older firmwares have been confirmed to work but are not officially supported
    • Auto image injection, no external tools needed.
    • Support for custom layouts, with built-in examples
    • Auto image to DDS conversion
    • Auto NCA Extraction to easily extract the SZS files from the home menu (based on hactool)
    • Advanced tools to help people develop custom layouts or patches
    • Web version with Auto-Theme to share themes
    The source code is available on GitHub
    No installation is needed, just extract the files and run the main exe, this app requires .NET Framework 4.6, and works on linux through wine (Some features like image to DDS and NCA extraction are windows only).

    In addition to the windows version there is also a web version, it has more limited functionality (eg. you'll have to convert your images to DDS manually), but you can use it to legally share themes with the Auto-Theme feature, you can find it here.

    To share custom themes on GbaTemp you have to use Auto-Theme, read how in this thread, this is because
    SZS files, either unmodified or modified with this app contain copyrighted data so they can't be shared here.

    Change log:
    - Auto image to DDS conversion
    - NCA Extractor: dumping theme files from your own console now it's much easier

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