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Switch theme injector Version 4.6.2 fix

The previous 4.6.2 release would show erroneously a warning about being a debug build. It was just a configuration error and was removed, there's no other change aside from that.
- Added command line options to diff and extract szs files
  • Support for atmosphere 0.19
    • Atmosphere now ships without a contents folder and that causes the previous versions to enable compatibility mode and create a titles folder in the /atmosphere directory. If you used previous releases of the theme installer you can safely delete that folder.
    • Support for the titles folder when running atmosphere has been dropped. If you happen to use ancient atmosphere versions (<= 0.10.0) please upgrade your cfw.
  • Various fixes in json handling in the theme injector
About the home menu it wasn't update with firmware 12.0, you current themes and existing patches should work fine.
  • Support for 11.0
  • More layout material properties supported in nxtheme
The layout editor has been updated as well
- Fix crash when applying certain layouts
- Update all the built-in layouts
- Select files with drag and drop
- Minor changes
- 10.1.0 Support
- Fixed several crashes reported by users
- Preparations for something cool that's coming soon ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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  • Added a button to easily extract nxthemes
  • Dropped the included DDS converter for better linux compatibility
    • This means that now only JPG and DDS images are supported for backgrounds and only PNG and DDS for custom applet icons.
    • PNG isn't supported for backgrounds as having a lossless image only increases the theme size as eventually it gets compressed with DXT1 (lossy !), for best quality use a good DDS eencoder
  • "SZS Patcher" tab is now hidden by default, you can enable it from the advanced settings if you need to.
  • Support for 9.1.0
    • Lockscreens on sxos are still not supported
  • Support for atmosphere 0.10.0
  • Finally fixed clear lockscreen layout on >= 9.0
Since last relaese...
I've decided to open my own discord server, unlike qcean and r/NXThemes it's not for sharing themes but just for support and updates about my projects.
I've also opened a Patreon so if you like my tools and want to support me now you can do so ❤.
- 9.0.1 support
- Bug fixes
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