Switch theme injector Version 3.6

Create custom themes for the switch !

  1. Version 3.6

    - Support for custom layouts for common.szs (all firmwares)
    - Better support for firmwares <= 5.X
    - Support for command line args
    - Fixed many ui issues and and minor bugs
  2. Remote install, theme background preview, fix DDS conversion

    • Remote install to install themes without having to copy them first
    • Theme background preview for nxtheme files
    • Fix DDS conversion
  3. Support for the new nxtheme format

    The new nxtheme format is a better alternative to SZS files for custom themes, it's compatible with every firmware and 100% legal to share, read more on the injector thread and on the theme sharing one
  4. fix path with spaces

    This minor release fixes an issue that makes the nca extraction fail when the path contains a space.