Switch theme injector Version 4.5

Create custom themes for the switch !

  1. Version 4.5

    - 10.1.0 Support
    - Fixed several crashes reported by users
    - Preparations for something cool that's coming soon ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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  2. Version 4.4

    • Added a button to easily extract nxthemes
    • Dropped the included DDS converter for better linux compatibility
      • This means that now only JPG and DDS images are supported for backgrounds and only PNG and DDS for custom applet icons.
      • PNG isn't supported for backgrounds as having a lossless image only increases the theme size as eventually it gets compressed with DXT1 (lossy !), for best quality use a good DDS eencoder
    • "SZS Patcher" tab is now hidden by...
  3. Version 4.3.2

    • Support for 9.1.0
      • Lockscreens on sxos are still not supported
    • Support for atmosphere 0.10.0
    • Finally fixed clear lockscreen layout on >= 9.0
    Since last relaese...
    I've decided to open my own discord server, unlike qcean and r/NXThemes it's not for sharing themes but just for support and updates about my projects.
    I've also opened a...
  4. Version 4.3.1

    - 9.0.1 support
    - Bug fixes
  5. Version 4.3

    • 9.0 Support
    • Better linux support for the command line interface
  6. Version 4.2

    - Support for custom applet icons in the home menu, there's also a built-in layout that shows how to change their color
    - Support for custom "home" icon on the lock screen
    - Updated the 8.x fix for old nxthemes that use the diamond layout, this should fix the cursor issue.
    - Custom origin support in layout patches

    The web injector has been updated as well, now it's possible to upload directly JPG images and to use your own layouts, all built-in layouts have been updated as well....
  7. Version 4.1

  8. Version 4.0-With layouts

    Quick edit of the 4.0 release that adds more built-in layouts
  9. Version 4.0

    - Animation support (bflan), now themes can contain animated parts.
    - Full 8.X support, all incompatible built-in layouts were updated
    - Most old nxthemes should still work on 8.0 as the installer will try to automatically fix them, the ones that still don't work unfortunately have to be built from scratch, info on how to fix a layout for 8.0 has been added here
  10. Version 3.8

    • Custom usd1 panes support for nxthemes, these kind of panes allow more customization by changing the shape of icons or add shadows. The layout editor will be updated soon.
    • Support for the player select applet
    • Support for nxthemes without a background image, these kind of themes just edit the layout and look good on any color setting (dark or light "theme" option in the console settings)
    • Other minor fixes and improvements ✨
    Note that custom fonts also apply...