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NoiES 1.2

NoiES for Switch

I present to you my own original NES emulator for the Switch, NoiES! This entire emulator was written from scratch by me. I started this project just to teach myself about how emulators are made so that I can work on larger projects in the future, but it went farther than I originally expected and is now pretty much a full-fledged emulator, apart from some minor inaccuracies and some missing mappers.

But there are already other NES emulators for the Switch, why use this one?
Well, no reason in particular. As I said before, this was more a learning experience for me, but I ported it to the Switch for the homebrew bounty and I might as well release it. I suppose the biggest advantage I can offer is that since I developed the entire emulator core myself I am very familiar with it and can easily dive in to fix bugs and add new features.

Minor inaccuracies?
Yes, well, aside from the missing mappers, it's mainly the audio stuff that needs work done. Most importantly the DMC audio channel, which isn't implemented at all. There are also a few minor inaccuracies in other places that shouldn't affect most things.

Right. Every ROM has a mapper; it's basically what loads different portions of the ROM memory into the CPU memory for execution. I've implemented the most popular mappers as well as a few others, which should cover a large portion of the NES library. If you have any particular games you want to play that aren't supported, tell me the mapper number (the emulator will tell you which one it is if it isn't supported) so I can place higher priority on implementing it.

2019050519035900-39044917CFF4239A6A8855A4FBFD24A3.jpg 2019050519040400-39044917CFF4239A6A8855A4FBFD24A3.jpg 2019050519043500-39044917CFF4239A6A8855A4FBFD24A3.jpg 2019040117475600-39044917CFF4239A6A8855A4FBFD24A3.jpg 2019040117495500-39044917CFF4239A6A8855A4FBFD24A3.jpg 2019040117523000-39044917CFF4239A6A8855A4FBFD24A3.jpg 2019040117541800-39044917CFF4239A6A8855A4FBFD24A3.jpg 2019040117574000-39044917CFF4239A6A8855A4FBFD24A3.jpg 2019040716355600-39044917CFF4239A6A8855A4FBFD24A3.jpg 2019050519045800-39044917CFF4239A6A8855A4FBFD24A3.jpg
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  1. NoiES v1.2

    Changelog: -Fixed incorrect cycle timings on CPU instructions -Implemented mappers 7 and 15...
  2. NoiES v1.1

    Changelog: -Added MMC2 mapper support -More accurate PPU memory accesses -Fix audio crackles...
  3. NoiES v1.0

    Changelog from the bounty build: -Mostly finished APU (audio) implementation -Major PPU...

Latest reviews

Maybe you should add art boxes and title screen. And what changelog ? Thanks.
Ah sorry, I suppose there should be a changelog from the bounty release. Here you go:
-Mostly finished APU (audio) implementation
-Major PPU (graphics) fixes
-Substantial mapper optimization
-Added savestates
-Added settings menu and control remapping
-Various menu improvements

As for the game covers, it's not a huge deal for me personally, but if enough people want it I'll look into it eventually. Right now mappers are a higher priority for supporting more games!
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