melonDS for Switch 0.8.3

DS emulator, sorta

  1. Hydr8gon
    melonDS for Switch

    This is my port of the Nintendo DS emulator melonDS for the Nintendo Switch. To use the emulator, place your legally dumped Nintendo DS BIOS files in the sdmc:/switch/melonds directory with the names "bios7.bin", bios9.bin", and "firmware.bin".

    Right now the emulator does not have a hardware renderer. This means things are slow! To combat this, there is an option to enable overclocking of the Switch processor, with a maximum frequency of 1785 MHz. However, even with this, most games do not run full speed! melonDS 0.8 will likely include a hardware renderer, so if you want better speeds wait until then.

    Huge thanks to @StapleButter (Arisotura) for developing the core melonDS project and for just being a cool gal in general! :)

    Source code is available on GitHub.

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    Gameplay video courtesy of @grabman (old version):

    Check out the official melonDS website!