LoveStory 1.2a

A VisualNovel Library for LovePotion

  1. Shrike

    LoveStory - A VisualNovel Library for LovePotion (v1.2)

    LoveStory is a VisualNovel library for LovePotion on the Nintendo Switch.
    LoveStory’s purpose is to simplify the creation of VisualNovels as well as the integration of a simple to use DialogueSystem for story driven games for Nintendo Switch.
    To write your own VisualNovels I reccomend to download the demo-game and edit novel.lua to your needs.
    You can find a full documentation of how to use LoveStory in the LoveStory_Documentation.pdf attached to this thread.
    If you have questions or need support, don't hesitate to write me a pm or ask directly here.

    Download Here:

    Features of LoveStory:
    • Easy to use dialogue implementation for the creation of VisualNovels or other story-driven games
    • No fancy programming skills needed to create VisualNovels with the help of this library
    • Changeable character pictures for emotions and clothing-sets
    • Decision making for complex story-lines and multiple endings
    • Two characters can be shown the same time
    • Complete touch-support for easy game control
    • Dialogue boxes can be hidden with touch-swipe or joycon-input
    • Sound and music support: You are able to create full dubbed versions of your in-game conversations
    • Easy managing of multiple characters thanks to character-classes
    • Special character-screen when holding the switch in portrait-mode, with a big picture and more character information shown (Currently not working: Use R-Button)
    • You are able to show a background image with or without your characters in front and easily change it anytime
    • Skip all the current dialogue with only holding down the LZ-key (shoulder-button)
    • Future Updates: If the community has wishes for future improvements or features I will try to implement them in one of the next versions
    Changelog Version 1.2




    Thanks to all the people who helped me making this.

    Thanks to the whole “Tiny Turtle Industries” Discord Server:
    Thank you so much guys! You are just awesome! A great community, and not only the LovePotion talk is great with you

    Thanks @TurtleP for porting Love2D to the Switch, and for making this project possible!

    Thank you! Thanks for reading this. Thanks for your attention. And maybe even thanks for using this library. ^_^


    PS: I heard there are bikini pictures inside... :ph34r:
    Change log:
    ChangeLog Version 1.2:

    - Error messages warn you if pictures you want to load can not be found
    - You can now add multiple Description_Texts with the new DescriptionTextImageIndex parameter
    - If == -1 its the OLDWAY (Legacy: Your old code will still work.)
    - Second Character Image is now Mirrored on the y axis.
    - A soundmanager is added, that will keep track of aktivated/deaktivated sound and music before playing
    - Small Bugfix (Removed Debugsound "WUFF")
    - CharacterDescriptionScreen has now a "Landscape" TV-MODE (Activate/Deactivate: In lovestory.lua set variable tvMode = true/false)
    - New Function: Character:clearCache()
    -> Deletes all loaded Sounds/Images and forces the game to reload them when needed
    -> This frees RAM (depending on your amount of loaded pictures/sounds)