Snake [LovePotion] (SOURCE-CODE-VERSION) 4.0 (SC)

Source-Code of the game Snake coded with LovePotion

  1. Shrike

    I uploaded this version, because some of you wanted to take a look at the code. You can use it to learn a little bit about LovePotion coding. :)

    NEW UPDATE: SNAKE Version 4 (New Style, Now working with 5.x.x )

    Hey I'm back (again) and I have a brand new version of Snake for LovePotion with me (thx TurtleP & Mik & Co for all the help <3 Bless your discord server).
    This time Mik (Renbo Design) from the "Tiny Turtle Industries" Discord supported me with his great artworks. <3 !!!
    In addition to that, this is the first time the game is compiled to only 1 NRO file, instead of a whole folder with Lua files.
    If you want to look at the code anyways (maybe for learning some LovePotion/Lua) just contact me.
    Also this version works with 5.x.x and every other firmware.
    Don't forget: The 2 player-mode is started by pressing "+" on the right joycon.

    Graphic & Performance Improvements:
    • Complete new graphic style, thanks to Mik (Renbo Design)
    • Vibrations are now implemented but you need to (re-)activate them from the switch main menu
    • Only 1 NRO file for the whole game (no more messy folders!)
    • Works with every firmware (Please report if it doesn't !!!)
    • You can skip the into-screens by pressing "A" or touching the screen.
    How to play in 2-Player-Mode:
    To activate 2-Player-Mode, the second player just needs to press "+" on the right joycon.
    In this mode you will loose your tail when you die and after 90 seconds the player with the longest tail wins ! :yay:
    New in this version: There is now a timer where you can see how much time is left.

    How to run:
    • Extract inside your /switch folder and run Snake.nro with hbmenu
    • Use the DPad keys or left-joystick for navigation (Player2: x,y,a,b or right-joystick)
    • Press "+" on the right joycon to start into 2PlayerMode
    • Restart the game to get back to SinglePlayer
    • Battle your best friend for a round of good old snake....
    • ..... ?
    • Profit!


    • Vibrations work only after you go to the switch-main-menu and re-enable vibrations after every switch boot/restart ..
    • When the head turns you can see a little graphic glitch for a few milliseconds.. I maybe will fix this in the next version.
    Version 4 improvements:
    • Complete new graphic style, thanks to Mik (Renbo Design)
    • Compatible with firmware 5.x.x
    • Renbo Design Intro
    • Only 1 NRO file for the whole game
    Version 3 improvements:
    • Sound-problems are now fixed
    • Text can now be displayed => new Score & Timer
    • Shrike & LovePotion Intro .. (just because I can ;) )
    • Pressing Buttons on both joycons the same time works now, because of faster execution times of LovePotion
    • No more frame drops because of performance issues
    • Vibrations work, when (re-)activated from the switch-main-menu
    Version 2 improvements:
    • Coins spawn on the same grid as the snake now (I'm impressed how people care so much about this xD)
    • Graphic improvements
    • GameOver screen that waits for the sound to be finished playing (to fix the bug with sound delays)
    • 2 PlayerMode (duh)
    Hi, I'm the new one :)
    Now back to topic:
    I made this little port of Snake for the Switch with LovePotion (thx TurtleP & Co for all the help <3 Bless your discord server)
    It's nothing special.. (well its the first LovePotion game on switch maybe ??) .. but I thought maybe you like to see it.
    Actually it (only) took me about 5h to write it .. but like I said its not something super fancy..
    At the moment there is no way we could use text with LovePotion so there is no score .. I guess you just have to count the points yourself :D

    PS: If you want to upload this game on any homebrew-appstore-whatever .. Do it! :) You're doing a great job!!
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